The Morning Monster Hunter, better known as Morningstar.

Morningstar began as a sadistic killer who had trouble enjoying himself in a society that regarded murder as taboo.   Star went by the name of Luke Cifer, though reacted rather violently to being called "Lucifer." One day he discovered a picture of the Slenderman, and became obsessed with Him from that moment forward. He believed that the Slenderman was his savior, and began to accumulate any and all information he could about Him in an attempt to contact Him. He caught up with Him, and asked to join him. His turning process was painful, yet somehow managed to keep his memories and a great deal of creativity.

For the next few months, he acted in a typical psychotic fashion and mentioned various proxies and victims he intended to play with. Among those mentioned were Redlight, Ava, and the Blake brothers. He amputated Blake's fingers, but yet allowed him to live and keep writing. Sadistic bastard. He spoke about a boy's death, and a proxy by the name of Recessed ordering it to happen. Star began to relapse into Luke at random intervals. You see, Luke wasn't as dead as Star likes to pretend. In an entry of binary, this was deciphered:

"Helpi hear his voice always whispering to me i do not want this anymore please help save me oh god anyone please i just want to be me again i will repent my sins i will confess my crimes i am sorry i am sorry sorry sorry sorry help me please oh god"

After his relapse, he began to need the mask he had scoffed at previously. Luke was punished for relapsing, and went on a temporary leave of absence. After some posturing and insanity, his handler Valtiel hacked his account. Valtiel posted and told Star's followers to choose for him: death, or a life as a Hallow. Later, Valtiel returned to say that Star had been re-Hallowed, and would be allowed a greater degree of autonomy. His converts would become sleepers, and he would become a "Berserker."

At some point Morningstar tracked down Michael Blake and repeated his brother's torture upon him. He then ran into a few friends, visited the families of a few victims...and had a particularly bad run in with the government. He had a small relapse, though it is quickly dealt with. For a while, he collaborated with other proxies and got into some pretty pointless fights. The beginning of his post "Insufferable Pricks" is rather funny, though. By the way, have I ever mentioned the love/hate relationship I have with binary? It is easy to decode (love), but extremely painful to look at (hate.) Star used this code several times over the course of his blog. The Runners better love me for this.... Anyways, the translation involves Star's dead brother:

"oh god it's face it's face those eyes those eyes crimson sapppppp smelled like death woundswoundswounds BLOOD leakedout slowly MAKE IT STOP LOOKING AT MEeeeeee bodies hung in it's branches Terry was there why are you there brother I"

Star and his lackies began to experiment on Runners, with varying results. They tried testing Zombie Powder, and played with dropping anvils on someone's head. This was a direct "Fuck you" statement resulting from a previous commenter referring to him as a Saturday Morning Villain. They also tried an experiment that would make proxyification "much easier." In the same spirit as the anvil experiment, they tied a Runner to train tracks (for science). The humor makes this so much easier to read. Thank you Star, for having a sense of humor. Both experiments failed miserably. Morningstar seemed to have a good deal of trouble with Hesperus, which he believed to have killed/deleted. A comment from Hesperus (in binary, swearing to kill the Slenderman) got Star in quite a bit of trouble, and well... someone else had to take over, since Star was absent.

One of his colleagues, Malacoda, began to write in Morningstar's abscence. Not long after, he was reassigned to Canada. He proceeded to bitch about how cold it was, the Canadians, and Canadian bacon/syrup. Thank god for humor. Around May 1st, Morningstar recovered from his infection and was able to return from his solitary confinement. He then announced the death of Reach. A few days later, Star made a grand speech about how stupid Runners are, and celebrated the greatest Proxy there ever was; Zero, the Runner that killed more Runners in his time than any other creature before him.

Morningstar asked me to make sure to point this out: flaming baby baseball. This sparked a comment/flame war beneath it, which I only skimmed. I laughed that people thought their comments would change anything their 'monster' had done. Yes, he did these terrible, awful things. I get it, he's a horrible person, and I hate it too. Cry, wipe your tears, move the fuck on. If you mourn every death related to Slendy as if they were family, you are going to send yourself to an early grave. Period. I sound callous for this, but stupid actions based off of too many emotions and too little common sense get Runners killed all the time. Lots of torture and mayhem later... he managed to catch Naomi and Bianca in a trap, though only Bianca died.

While waiting for a weapon, the Killdozer, to be built and shipped to Canada a Runner by the name of Mitch killed a friend of Morningstar's. Star retaliated, which got even more of his friends killed. He finally attacked the mansion, and he ranted a little about burnt flesh. Unfortunately, Hesperus showed up again, and asked to be forgiven. Morningstar proceeded to panic after one of his colleagues noticed it and threatened to bring it up to their "Boss."

Elaine generally fucked Star's life up for awhile. Eventually, his idiotic puppets fucked up an operation. At least two died, and they nearly got Morningstar killed. It's fucking sad when your team's incompetence is what fucked up the mission and you can't even do anything about it. At this point, I'd have been willing to leave behind Angmar, too. Stupid fucking idiot. Let's see... there's a post I actually refuse to read because of how ridiculously archaic the wording is. Oh yeah AND IT'S ALL IN CAPS! TURN OFF THE GODDAMN CAPS LOCK, MORNINGSTAR!

In the next important post, he mentioned KK's relative dying by Andromeda's hand. He and his crew proceeded to beat/maim her until she was in the condition she is now. I hate that part, actually. Not to mention the 'smile' Morningstar gave her. Trying to rip off the Joker, eh? No bonus points for you. Be creative and stop crippling Runners. Getting them to nearly off themselves does not make you responsible; it makes you an asshole that likes to play with his targets too much. He then proceeded to crash the infamous Take the Myth wedding and poison all of the food. His disguise was... lacking, apparently. Everyone managed to see through it, and the explosives he planted? They caused some splinters. Konaa managed to make a new enemy by hurting Nee-chan. I especially liked this quote:

"Nee-chan seemed to be outmatched upstairs, so Darkhorse and Gleeman managed to get her out alive by providing cover fire and then dragging her out of the ROOM FULL OF MARINES... Nee. Sweetie. You know I love you and all, but... That was an idiotic move. They had guns, you had a knife. Listen to the Master on this one... You should have ambushed stragglers in the fight outside and silently killed them with the knife."

He started freaking out over Redlight's reappearance while he was in NYC, and mumbled on about Prosper being effective enough so that he could be lazy for awhile. Then, he just went back to being an insane follower of Him; talking about blood and guts and random other things about sinning. He then kidnapped a Runner, who doesn't exactly do the damsel in distress thing. Though, very funny use of nicknames. The Runner escaped because one of his minions was a complete moron. Star received visual proof Redlight was not, indeed, dead. He received what was basically Miracle Grow in syringes to go 'have fun with.' It apparently caused a fucking TREE to grow and consume a body as its food. Not pretty.

Well, Morningstar became a little pissed. Redlight died and Morningstar panicked because his last instructions were to end the world with the syringes. He wound up changing his mind (thank god) and decided to use the syringes for his own brand of fun. He also started looking for a new title (I suggested Darth), and had a newfound hatred for Ronald McDonald. I can't blame him. I fucking hate clowns myself. In his last post, he caught a group of Runners and... tortured them, creatively.

THANK GOD THIS FREAKING POST IS OVER! Ahem. Yeah. This is it, except for speculations about what his upcoming "operations" are. But, I'll leave those up to you. Now, to go get some Advil and forget this ever happened. Flaming baby baseball, my left foot. Thank god he doesn't know where I live. >_<

Edit: By the way, for new people on the 'scene' that is my blog: I have a new treat for you. A sort of tl;dr for you is this: A song that strongly reminds me of Morningstar. Well, before he decided to turn a new leaf and be suicidal and all that. - 9/10/11


  1. For some odd reason I find Morningstar to be a very intriguing person. Though his name is not too original, and on a bad day I could do alot worse than flaming baby baseball, (I'm not one for sports sorry, I'm thinking more along the lines of 'pop goes the weasel')

    But he's definitely one of the more creative evil-doers. And definitely one to keep an eye on.

  2. "Thank god he doesn't know where I live"

  3. If you need someone to give you a massage to relieve your tension, hun...

    :3 I'm here.

  4. @Artemis The humor was refreshing. His psychosis was not. Pop goes the weasel? You really must tell me about that one day.

    @Morningstar You don't even know what I look like. Good luck finding out where I live.

    @Peter Massage, no. Interview... maybe.

  5. ... Oh you idiot.
    Well, have fun with that. And for the record, you can go ahead and put up the stuff about me. I was trying to dissuade you from writing this at all.

  6. -shrug- It was a request from a friend. After reading all of those posts and writing this, there is no way in hell I'm taking it down. I wound up asking a member of VINDICATE to beta for me, for christ's sake.

    I said I would write about him, and I do have some honor. I wouldn't break it over something as silly as a post like this.

  7. This horrifically long post turned out quite nicely.

  8. Never. Again. Even after editing it for the second time, it's still six pages long. I managed to trim down about a pages worth of unnecessary comments and such.

  9. do u no who compile truth is and do u mind telling me abot him/her?

  10. Dia-

    You have quite and audience.

    Until Next Time.

  11. @the white one: That is surprisingly someone I have not found yet. Show me where to find them, and I'll do the research for you. Would you like a message, or for me to answer you here?

    @____ Still no name to call you by. I've been around for about two weeks, dear. I'm nowhere near finished. I'll keep writing until I'm either 6 feet under, or I have nothing to write about any longer.

  12. Dia- What is the purpose of all of your research?

    Your gumption is admirable as well.

    Funny story- I once met a man in Boise who replied with that very same phrase.. "You want my car? You can have my car when i'm 6 feet under"

    I thought he was serious. So I smashed his face in with a tire-iron.

    Side note- If you cause enough trauma to a human eye, it starts to resemble baby food.

    I'm rambling.

    My apologies.

    Until Next Time.

  13. Death... it's for my own pleasure and knowledge. As a second reason, well, I like to think that it helps people occasionally. Also, the 6 feet under reference wasn't actually to you. It was to the phrase "i'll rest when I'm dead." I have no intention of taunting a killer, mind you.

  14. Dia- I know it wasn't a taunt love. And I know the phrase..It simply reminded me of that story.

    Until Next Time.

  15. Death- Making myself clear. Lately, it seems like people are getting the wrong idea. I know someone that took a similar idea, but with a pool stick and balls. Those things are deadly when thrown.

  16. Impressive research there, Dia.

    I'd think he was nothing but a huge joke if not for the fact that he's kidnapped and tortured Elaine. In other words, I find him too absurd to be real, but that doesn't stop him from spreading his special brand of horror to the masses.

  17. ... Trust me. One thing Shitstar ISN'T is a joke.

  18. He's real. He's caused too much pain to not be.

  19. Thank you, my Lady, for the post. You have worked so hard to help those who need information! How wonderful is your writing, Sister.

  20. Oh! And here are the links to those other at our Haven.

    Drake and Ecko -








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