More to be Wary of.

This list of mostly of those that are only victims, or associated with the Fears. They are nowhere near as dangerous as those I've mentioned in the past.

Carol Baker and Frank Bellman Also known as Baker and Bellman. This pair, whom I assume at first glance are hunters, have hopefully only gone on vacation. The last time they were seen active was July 8th. I'm starting to think they are dead. They have links to the SMSC, which is apparently an organization that Meredith is involved in.  They seem to refer to the fears as Boojum. Thanks to the ever vigilant anonymous, I now know why.

"Because the Baker and the Bellman are two characters from "The Hunting of the Snark," which is about a group of people hunting, that's right, a snark. Except the snark turns out to be a boojum, which looks exactly like a snark except that if you look at it you will vanish completely away. Because the snark was a boojum you see."  They were present at the birth of the Manufactured Newborn, with the newly dubbed nickname "The Cheshire Cat." This Fear was born from a device known as the Pocketwatch, an item that was once highly coveted by those that wished to fight the Fears. It was said this device had many powers, destructive and protective alike.

Neville I'm going to go ahead and assume he's been made into a puppet by the Wooden Girl. In all of the posts this boy made, he went further and further into her world. His blog originally began by reviewing episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Slowly, he began to discover "easter eggs" that exposed him to the world of Punch and Judy, and the Dance of Fortune. Neville also happens to have seen the death/forced suicide~ of Ruggio Maggiero, via a message found inside of the DVDs. He dropped off of the radar once he broke his DVDs, but obviously, if you come across him, he is definitely working for the Wooden Girl.

Rick I am exceedingly proud of Rick. He has fought the Harlequin's strings, and as of right now, is free. Whether he will remain so or not is still a mystery. `Jess, who has been suffering at the hands of the Fears, has finally died(?) to the Intrusion. Candle Cove has apparently heavily influenced him.

Scribe Sigma The authoress of The Archive, Samantha Mayhew has been in touch with the Fears since the age of 6. Apparently the Blind Man most notably. Not exactly the most truthful of sorts.

Jordan/DJay32 DJay32 earned my respect a long, long time ago. He should have yours as well.

Jeanette Her friends have been followed and fucked with by "Mr. Smiles." Girls have gone missing (and in Vanessa's case, dead), and the man she's referring to has eyes with no soul and enough teeth to make a shark jealous. And oh yeah, he's in a straitjacket. She's be strangely absent except for little posts here and there, and in the time she's been in the Southwest, she's been hunting. Good luck to her.

bill Reather/Breather A guy in charge of watching the cemetery belonging to the Srgt. Pepper government agency. I'm honestly surprised that he and Hunter didn't cross paths the night Hunter ran from the Rake and was mysteriously saved from the zombies by the Slenderman. You'd think that the caretaker of a cemetery would noticed someone rifling through his shit, looking at his computer, and oh yeah, giant hordes of zombies. And damn it, 1234567 All Good Children Go to Heaven showed up again. Edit: this fucker's been taken over. He is officially off of the victim list. DAMN IT!

I decided not to write about the Empty City today. Why? Because its rules keep changing. There have been survivors and Doors that have allowed people back out. Therefore, my analysis has completely changed. More on it later. By the way, for those wondering, don't ever walk through a suspicious Door. Especially one that appears where it isn't supposed to be.

Edit: Also, apparently, Peter's gone completely off the fucking deep end. Or, whatever has taken over Peter. It's hard to keep track when they don't give you names that mean anything. Apparently he's taken on that group of teenagers he was looking for, and is threatening to hand the rest to EAT or the Convocation. Stupid bastard. Shoot everything in the face. If it doesn't die, you're fucked. This and this are apparently hints as to what he is up to. I don't know which group of teenagers he is talking about. Follow the links, see the descriptions, and if you know who they are, warn them. And fast.


  1. Yeah, Peter's crazy.

    And hello, I'm John. I see you've mentioned my family.

    Do us a favor, and be safe, okay?

  2. ohai John

    how you've been, ya strict bastard?

    Anyways, I think I'll follow this blog.

    I'll help you with your "research."

  3. @Breather, do me a favor and let me know what the fuck you're up to. Kthanxbai.

    @John, I'm probably about as safe as you are.

    @James I hope you aren't being sarcastic.

    And Peter, for fuck's sake, I know it isn't you. The Fears (for the most part) don't know who the hell I am. If you're the reason they wind up finding out, I'm exorcising your undead ass back to wherever you came from.

  4. This is an incredibly useful site. Thanks for starting it. I'm going to link it to DAS for others to reference.

  5. No problem, though I just started it. If there's anything specific you or your friends want me to research, let me know. I don't currently have an audience I'm working for besides myself.

  6. Excuse me, Miss Dia?
    I was reading back to the previous post and I noticed that you mentioned me.

    I would like to clear up any misunderstanding.
    I am no friend of the Executor. Perhaps you were confused by the fact that I call him my Brother?

  7. Oh, I love this idea. That way, when the inevitable proxy stalker comes along, we might have some information on him/her/them.

  8. @Trinity I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Could you explain to me better about the two of you, so I can rewrite the post?

    @Black Hawk: Some of the information I have is incomplete or I simply haven't finished. That's why I asked anyone that was reading if they wanted me to do research on someone. This up until the last couple of days was mainly to keep the information about the proxies fresh in my mind. If there's something specific someone needs or wants me to write about, I'm much more likely to add more details/do more than write a few sentences that help me remember.

  9. It is alright, ma'am.

    The Executor works for Father, whom you call the Slenderman, as did I before I met my Lady. I became interested in his work and spoke to him a few times. He started following my blog, and when I had a dream about him I asked if it was him that caused it. He denied this bluntly, that is where my Lady first commented to me.

    We spoke often...I grew fond of her, since she was the only friend I had other than Ronald in the Cage I was kept in. She offered me company and comfort. Eventually, the Executor stole Shady. That is when my Brother Ronald and I escaped to come find her.

    So you see...I truly hated him for kidnapping and torturing the first friend outside of Father and the Siblings' building. He hurt her...And I loved her.

  10. Hello Dia.
    To answer your questions, I am a human being. A teenager that is. Although sometimes it feels like I'm inhuman.
    Since I'm a teen, I mostly sleep, read, play video games, hang out with friends, walk, and visit Nate.

  11. Their names are actually Carol Baker and Frank Bellman. Because the Baker and the Bellman are two characters from "The Hunting of the Snark," which is about a group of people hunting, that's right, a snark. Except the snark turns out to be a boojum, which looks exactly like a snark except that if you look at it you will vanish completely away.

    Because the snark was a boojum you see.

  12. Linking on mine as well.

    -EthereAl (T)

  13. I'm only as sane as I started off as, Ethereal.

  14. I was referring to the other pets, not you.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding.


  15. No problem, Ethereal. Your way of signing your name, capitalizing the E, A, and T, has me worried. Are you still having such trouble with them? I can look farther into Ichor, if you would like.

    Trinity... it is painful to watch those we love be hurt. To be the first besides your true brother to show care and affection for you, our Lady must mean very much to you. I understand this now. I hope my words and inexperience in the past haven't hurt you by mistake.

    I had a dream recently that worries me, my friend. The vivid ones always point to the path I wind up walking down. This one, the latest one, reminds me of the Executor's words. I finally started reading his work, "doing my homework." I read his first few posts the day after I had my dream. What he says scares me. When you see this, can you let me know? I don't know what to do about it. I've never spoken to this man, and I am frightened.

  16. It's the Doors that are bothering me the most, and i've been scared of water.

    Any help would be really appreciated, thanks.


  17. No reason to be afraid of the water, because all they'd have to do is send a Camper after you if they wanted to infect you. Live your life normally, and ignore all of the Doors. Run while you can, dear, you know I don't want to see you hurt.

  18. Oh hey, people know me. That's pretty cool.

    Doesn't make me any less fucked, but I appreciate the sentiment. Good luck to you too. All of you.

  19. Old post, I know. But I doubt you'd still be proud of Rick if you knew what he's been up to.



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