Every Fear Has Pets

They almost never work alone. Like our Wooden Girl has her puppets, so too do the other Fears play with humans. There are the mindless ones, the dead ones, the ones that have some choice, the ones that are like their friends, the ones that kill off the ones that know... there's a long list. Even the victims normally end up serving them somehow, whether by dying or turning to their side. In finding the reports of the people who have encountered the fears, I've encountered those that scare me nearly as much as the Fears themselves. The scariest ones? They're the ones that you can't predict. You don't know how much they really know, or what they're really up to. So here's who I've found so far. Keep one eye open for...

The Steward: This guy scares the bloody hell out of me. He's one of the most obvious pets, and one of the ones that I refuse to look away from. Why? Not only has he done a Face Heel Turn from victim to bad guy, but in my opinion, he is one of the few victims that fought the hardest down to the last second. He's in contact with most all of the Fears, has no problem whatsoever killing those that threaten the Tall One, and he still looks completely normal. No frozen face, tentacles, or obvious strings for this guy. Oh no. He's just a well dressed guy that does the bidding of his Master with a smile on his face.

Edit: Steward recently became a failed sacrifice to the Rake, thanks to the Slenderman's offering being interrupted by gunfire and lots of distractions. He's being overcome by the Ichor, or at least, was the last time I checked. That favor EAT did for him is coming back to bite him.

Second Edit: For those that take the time to read this, here's an update: Joey's dead. He went out with a fight. And you know what? He went out as a human. People can, and will change.

Achromatic Morality: I don't know much about this lady, besides the fact that she comments with "inside" knowledge on many a victim's blog, and that she met one poor woman before she opened a Door. She's been linked to more people than I care to say, and knows enough abut the Mythos that I would watch her almost as closely as the Steward.

John Kramer/Sleight/the Eye/Judgement What the hell ever you want to call this guy, he's been fucked over by the Fears. He had contact from the Cold Boy and Slenderman from the time he was 7, was dumped in the Empty City to be eaten alive, and apparently managed to escape as yet another fucked up entity. If you see this name, run as fast as you can. He has no hesitations killing anyone he thinks is connected to the Fears.

Kobalos: Claims he's only a teenager. I think he's either nuts or is about to be. He knew about the PuppetsFool before it began, and has been connected to alot of (now) dead people. Be careful with this one. He has apparently acknowledged my presence. He seems to exhibit signs of a victim, as those that are around him seem to die off rather quickly. Doors to the Empty City are starting to appear as well. Seems to care about this kid, as well as Nate. Whoever it is, they're a little unhinged, by their own admission. Ethereal needs help, badly.

Iscariot Archangel Easily recognizable by the tentacle for his head. Simply put, if this guy follows your blog, speaks to you, or comments, you're most likely fucked. He is so wrapped up in the Tall One's shit, he'll probably get you killed before you can even tell him Howdy Do.

The Executor: He uses pictures of a man with an Operator symbol where his face should be, and yet that is only a deception. He uses his victims as a kind of snack food, using them to make more copies of himself, or to make puppets. A rather nasty way to make cannon fodder, but eh. Not my place to judge. He's also a bit of an asshole. He works directly for the Slenderman, a fact that I should have mentioned in the past. So far as I can tell, he also gives good advice. Trinity seems to have a long standing hatred for the man, for kidnapping and torturing a woman she loves, that goes by the name of The Shady Lady.

 As far as a I can tell, when he's being kind he is either playing with his food, or amusing himself. I recently found someone he seems to have a respect for, and my viewpoint of him has changed somewhat. Thanks to Shady, I'll be doing more research on him as soon as I finish editing this. For someone looking for what to do with him: Stay under his radar, and don't fuck with him. He doesn't have very much patience.

Okay, next piece of advice: If their last name is Rivers, stay the fuck away from them. There are three that I have been able to find. They tend to betray each other alot.

James Rivers His blog may not tell you much, but trust me, just look at his comments. Notably a brother of Peter Rivers. He is a hunter of those connected to the Fears. Not exactly a choosy lot about it either. Also, a suspicious phrase has appeared in his work. 1234567 All Good Children Go To Heaven  This phrase has been spotted among those that are about to die, possibly a code or cypher?  He is a part of: "Srgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 

Peter Rivers A traitor, apparently. His brothers, from what I can tell, hate him. He is definitely connected to the Arch Angel and the Dying Man, and is (supposedly) dead and has been taken over by a higher power. Most definitely someone's puppet now. He went through the Empty City with the Slender Man, and is connected to Owen Norris, the writer of The Shower Scene. Also Hunter, and that puppet of the Wooden Girl's, Charlotte. These people are all so intertwined... it's frightening. And apparently, the Steward is right up in their shit. Of course.

John Rivers once again, the phrase 1234567 All Good Children Go to Heaven was found. I'm unsure as to whether it was found on Peter's blog. I've done a little research into the phrase. Apparently, it's from the Beatles song You Never Give Me Your Money. John is a part of the organization: "Srgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"  

Owen Norris Poor kid. Yet another one of the victims that has tried to rise up against the Fears. Connected to Peter Rivers, the Dying Man (or Grey as he was called in this instance), and Slendy. Also connected to Hunter, who is believed trapped. This kid managed to survive the Dying Man's attack by a special mask given to him by a friend, Peter. Hopefully he recuperates in peace. Though, unfortunately, the Steward is supposed to be paying his area a visit soon. ANOTHER 1234567 All Good Children Go to Heaven phrase was found in his work.

Edit: Apparently Owen has been overtaken by Grey, better known as the Dying Man. I gotta confess, that scares the living hell out of me. Too many victims are being made into cannon fodder these days.

This is nowhere near all of them, but I don't feel well at the moment. I'll have to lay down for awhile, now. If anyone sees these and has suggestions on who to add, or any information to add in general, let me know. Later for now.


  1. Kobalos seems to care about me pretty much.

    And i'm normal...



  2. I'll make sure to rewrite this to include you. I somehow managed to skip over you.

  3. Achromatic Morality met another person called Concordia before he opened the door as well.


  4. Nate and Ethereal are two different people, who strangely have the same problem. Why does it have to be DOORS?

  5. Ethereal, I used to have that link, but I deleted it after they walked through the Door. Definitely another fuck up of mine.

    Kobalos, I'd say the Empty City is hungry. Or bored. Thank you for the information, as well.

  6. I've had personal dealings with Thy Executor, I can tell you what I know or what information I am willing to give out currently.

    The picture he uses on his blog and youtube is not how he really looks, at least not in the face. His body can sort of relate being really fucking thin to the point you'd think he's a contortionist. From what I've gathered he doesn't kill people often. He... Devours them in a way. Like, their souls or as he calls their consciousness. He uses them to make copies of himself or turns them into puppets to do his bidding.

    His advice is rather useful, if not full of cryptic bullshit a majority of the time.

    Trinity dislikes him because I befriended her directly before Thy Executor kidnapped and tortured me for about a week or so in our time.

    If you want help on the enemies myself and my comrades at our base of sorts have collected just ask. Thought it might be helpful to correct or add to what you already had. Least before Executor finds your blog and throws a hissy fit on "people not doing their homework", heh.

  7. Would you please help me know more about your enemies, my Lady? I hate to say this so bluntly, but I'm rather beneath his gaze. If he should ever find it, he'd likely see me as a fly buzzing around his ear. Though, I will change what I wrote to reflect what you've told me, Lady. I won't refuse your advice when it's so kindly given.

  8. It's not a problem, deary. Would you want me to comment on what I know here or message you privately with something?

  9. Whatever medium you think would be best. I have an email I trust to a few, or you can simply leave comments and have our conversations here. I could use some help figuring out Victor's hidden meanings and translations... I'm still not used to that poetic format yet.

  10. Victor is a bit difficult to grasp. I'm not a fan of cryptic bullshit and puzzles unless it's in the form of a crossword puzzle, heh. But sometimes his meanings are obvious while other times they take some backtracking or reading, hell, some even take a bit of waiting to see what else he posts to connect the pieces.

    I'll leave comments for now but if it is something that I'd prefer privately to give you information on I may request the email. I see you posted something new on Thy Executor, I'll comment over there.

  11. Seeing as the most recent post is partially about you, let me know if I got any details wrong.

    Victor, well... after reading his blog from start to finish, and analyzing him so I could write about him.. it's easier to understand the way he speaks. The codes and hints he gives are a little harder, not to mention the number of times I went and found an online translator.

    I updated my profile to include my email for you and a couple of others to use if need be. There is also a new page that I've made, that talks about my future plans. That can be found by looking at the top of the sidebar. I'm making my bribery of those who help official, and trying to stay to a basic timeline.