17 Days

With 17 days left on my clock, I sit before a computer in the library to a no name town in the BFE part of Alabama. Quite close to where Sanctuary once resided. Or, well, it did before we set it aflame. The children we evacuated days before, scattered to the many reaches of the world, allies and enemies alike warned: In exactly one month, Sanctuary would be rebuilt in the Northwest.

With sister locations in every state, anonymous and tucked away into the shadows.

Safe houses, for those that knew how to survive long enough to get to them.

Supply drop locations, item caches, you name it.

....all you have to do is know what you're looking for.

I've been through entirely too many battles to name so far.

I've quite honestly forgotten most of it.

It'll come back to me.

What matters is that I am safe, as is Mal, and certain others.

Tag has been relaying my messages, all of the Dias messages, and decrypting them for you guys.

A lot has happened. Of course, I think I'm tec…

To Arms (Day 6)

I sent Tag packing with some cash. Grab every car you can manage and stuff them full of kids. Get as many civilians as you can outside of the hot zone.

Donations and extra spending money on whatever supplies we'd need once we were on the road. It's time to settle things with the neighbors. My very violent, less than mentally stable neighbors.

They already tried to attack me once. Wasn't really the best start to a war I've ever had. Wasn't even trying to start one.

"Oops, did I accidentally a war?"

Saying that is so fucking bittersweet. Especially knowing that what I'm facing is Fear incarnate. Anything and everything that has tried to kill us over the past four months is staring me in the face.

I wasn't the one who signed the contract with Tag. The one who signed over 33% of this giant strip of land for ownership between the Fears, and the Board  was whichever version of me happened to show up at the time. Nice going, bitch. Look at the mess you d…

Nine Lives (Day 3)

It's  nice to be home. Sort of of.

It's Demi, looking over Jack's old records here. She was a busy girl in my absence.

She was the closest to me in "age", and basically me in a nutshell. Had a hell of a brain though.

 Between the 21 of us, Jack had it all together while I was gone. The sister I never had but always wanted. 

Jack was the jaded intellect, Lilith was the bleeding heart, Sabine was the Harley expo, Amanda was the human existence, Darcy was the coven leader, Freya was the mage whose children died, Angel was the secret connect to the Fears and a Dia...

And so on and so forth.

It's all there. All told in stories that connected this entire universe together.

Every story has a hint of truth to it.  

This is my story. Tag has been talking to me more lately, following my orders like he did Jack's.

He's doing the best he can to help, but I'm afraid of what will happen next. I think he's just as scared as I am, but he just seems to be keeping it…

My Fond Farewell, Goodnight

I'm so very tired, my friends.

I wrote so much over the past few days. My eyes are heavy, as I lay this staff across my lap.

My sister is dead. My husband has fallen, never to return.

My rabbits, you know this of me. I hate to lie.

Against my code and the rule that truly inhabits my heart. I have not been fully honest with you, especially you, Tag. I know you've been watching over me as I sleep.

My Bael. My lover, my ex-husband. Is dead. This is the truth, but not all of it.

His body lives on as the Hollow Man's next vessel. A truth I could not bear to keep to myself. My heart breaks keeping this knowledge to myself, but if known, many would take to destroying whatever was left of him on this mortal plane.

I wish to sleep now, after helping Lilith meet her final rest. This is not death for us, only the end of our long suffering.

I call our eldest sister here, to hopefully save whatever is left of us, and fulfill the promise I made to Lilith and Tag all those months ago.


Nuclear Winter in my Heart

The following was found written on crumpled up pieces of paper in a waste bin near Jack's bedside inside her basement. I post this in fear of what will happen if Jack doesn't speak to someone. She's turning Hollow in front of my eyes. She loses more of her humanity the more time goes by, becoming one of Them.

Fusing her soul back together with the others that have passed
She is slowly taking back the fragments of her soul from the other dead Dias
Lilith gave up her being the Convocation. Says she has things to do, soon. 
That she must prepare.
Jack is slowly becoming whole.

But with every addition lifespan added to her memories..
Her heart breaks a bit more
She becomes more eldritch
Her face more drawn, her eyes more twisted looking
Her hair, once short, now falls to her hips
Waves of midnight blue, shining in the light
Her perpetual smirk and glare as she looks at the world
She loves us all, but you would be surprised how much hate is inside her

Still, the jade dragon stays pure


Near a bend in the path, I walked along what looked to be a concrete road in the middle of nowhere. The trees looked sickened the further you looked away from the path. I was travelling back to Overland via the Rabbit Hole, but had to make it back to the rift in the path first. There are no shortcuts back home, no easy answers, no cheat codes. Just.. what felt like endless walking.

Tag was close by, flitting between the trees, functioning as an advance scouter in his shadow form.

I appeared to be alone, carrying a worn and frayed backpack, looking sad and downtrodden.

There was the sound of a snapping twig, coming from a group of particularly unhappy looking trees, clearly warped from their time in on the Path. Out from behind the trees, a grinning young man stepped forward. He looked to be dressed in an old-school gangster outfit, from the 1920's.

A black fedora, a long black trench coat atop a nice looking vest and suit with tie.

The man was blonde, standing roughly 6'1&quo…

Poison is but medicine in the wrong dosage

While the Culling was still going on, I had a surprise visitor.

Another of my ex-husbands, The Advocate.

Mask on, he appeared close enough to reach out and touch me, but had his arms crossed.

A sidearm on his hip, he seemed to be breathing heavily under the Mask, probably in anticipation.

Sick fuck.

"HEY there, Jack Off!" He giggled.

I eyed him with disdain.

"Well, howdy. That's a name I didn't expect to see again."

"Jack right? Or Dia? Hehe... Or Lillith."



How'd you know about that?"

"What? No what?" He shrugged, ignoring me.

"Nice kill."

Stepping past me, he squatted to dip his finger in some of the blood dripping on the street.

"Hehehe. You've been a naughty girl, I see."

I squinted at him, mildly annoyed. "You know, technically that was Lilith's doing."

He giggled at me. "Naughty. Naughty. Naughty."

"All bodies in a line to me."