Poison is but medicine in the wrong dosage

While the Culling was still going on, I had a surprise visitor.

Another of my ex-husbands, The Advocate.

Mask on, he appeared close enough to reach out and touch me, but had his arms crossed.

A sidearm on his hip, he seemed to be breathing heavily under the Mask, probably in anticipation.

Sick fuck.

"HEY there, Jack Off!" He giggled.

I eyed him with disdain.

"Well, howdy. That's a name I didn't expect to see again."

"Jack right? Or Dia? Hehe... Or Lillith."



How'd you know about that?"

"What? No what?" He shrugged, ignoring me.

"Nice kill."

Stepping past me, he squatted to dip his finger in some of the blood dripping on the street.

"Hehehe. You've been a naughty girl, I see."

I squinted at him, mildly annoyed. "You know, technically that was Lilith's doing."

He giggled at me. "Naughty. Naughty. Naughty."

"All bodies in a line to me."


The Path

There was a blur on the edge of his vision.  What was different was the bright coloring that was noted.  A glowing shade of green.  In the path it was unique.  

The figure moved away at a slow pace. He was pretty quiet, all things considered.  His feet had tread this path a hundred thousand times now, and his shoulders hung with weariness.  After about sixty paces, he wrote something into a notepad, then ventured off of the trail into the thicket of trees and bushes of nondescript colors that frame the trail.

A rustling of leaves behind me caught my attention, and I froze. Still new to walking the Path instead of the Red Road, I had been attempting to stay out of sight.

Glancing down at my necklace, I noticed a glowing green light emitting from my favorite jade dragon, a memento I had kept after the death of a friend many years ago. It was my talisman against evil, my link to the Sages and their bravery, and the totem that has kept me alive. 

Realizing quickly what that light must mean, I…


I ignored the kicks at first, as I was doing the Underland radio. When he starts to sing, welllllll... When I realized who it was, I cautiously approached the door.
He had Thomas' throat encircled with the sickle, held close as a human shield should I open fire by the time he arrived at the door. The silence doesn't last terribly long before Gallows kicks at the door. A solid thud, followed by another and another to simulate knocking.
My head turned slightly towards the door, silently acknowledging the visitor to Tagalong, waving him towards the weapons. Tag plays along, saying “Speak of the Devil, I think we have a guest.”

I copied him, silently loading my sidearm and talking into the mic broadcasting the Underland Radio. 

“I think we’ll have to cut it short here. Thank you listeners for tuning into Underland Radio.”

I reached down to flip the switch to cut the feed, motioning my walking towards the door towards Tag. I took up a position catty-corner to the front door, and waited…