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My little attempt at fanart for Nightscream, hope everyone likes it. The art itself stretches the page, soooooo.. I'm going to just give a nice little link. ;) Let me know what y'all think, okay? Going back to bed for now, later.

Tying Up Loose Ends

I puIled open the glass door, my eyes scanning the room for the man I had agreed to meet. Never having met him before, the best I could guess to help me find him was to look for the most suspicious guy in the place. After a moment, I spotted a man with a hat pulled down low over his face, dark sun glasses, and monotone clothing sitting in a small chair near the back, facing the door. I smiled half-assedly and headed for the back, flopped down in the chair opposite his and set my bag down on the ground next to me. "You Messi?"

He looked up with a smirk, knowing it was me.  "No, pretty sure I'm fairly clean."

I ran a palm over my face for a moment before sighing. "Fine, you prefer I use your real name?"

Messi: "I'd really rather you didn't, actually.  Just saying that anyone else would have given you a funny look for that.  I'm assuming you're Dia, then?"

I replied, "Of course. You knew who I was as soon as I walked in the…

St. Louis

An interview with Thoth... among other things. I hesitate to call this a true interview, simply because of the lack of information I can actually POST at this time. Close-lipped little Disciple, he is. If I were to be honest, this was just an excuse to travel and meet with a proxy that didn't act like cannon fodder. I had other things I needed to get done, sure, but this actually had a time limit on it, and as such I had to get off my ass and get my shit done. This is what I found out.

Thoth is a drug addict turned gangbanger in 1970. He evaded law enforcement for eight years before being thrown in jail at the age of twenty six. While he was incarcerated, he found the symbol of the twin triangles, and became a scribe for the Timberwolves. He abandoned his true name, and became the person known as Thoth. He is a member of the Chicago branch, though I ultimately found him in St. Louis. A few days ago, he received a message from someone claiming to be an old flame of us.

He refers to …

Be Wary of..

Oh hey, look at that. I lost another follower. Let's give pause for a moment to mourn this.. nah, just kidding. Whoever it was, sorry for whatever drove you away. Maybe it was the *gasp* depressive shit I've been writing lately? But, not to fear. You'll probably be replaced soon. And hey, if not? I'll still be sleepin' pretty at night. Now, to the point of this post.

I feel like being a fangirl for a while. You know, returning to my roots and writing the same way that got me into this mythos. Remember that plan to write about what I wanted to from now on? This is it. Mostly to those on the Fear side of things, but hey, I have room to talk about the others for a while. You want a spot on this? Let me know. For now, I'm just listing the kiddies I think deserve a look.

MetaPhysical Fiction- Crazy bastard's gone round the bend, but the titles of his posts are spelling out a message. I follow him just to see what the message will eventually say. That, and I know…