For Those Watching

I want to apologize for the information I fucked up in my earlier posts. Anonymous and a few victims have managed to correct my oversights, thank god. I originally wrote all of this to keep track of it inside my mind. I left out many details and crucial events in my lists, because I already knew them at the time. Now that other people need it, it's apparent that I need to start writing for an audience, instead of using this selfishly.

I will write more detailed information on the Hunters. If I find willing informants, I would like to keep a running account of the conflicts that are currently going on. I know it will be difficult.  That's where my 'friends' come in. I've already edited several posts across my blogs because of information from those that knew better than I. If you have anything to speak up about, do NOT be afraid to do so. The more these posts are actually needed, the more I will write. End of story.

My next blog will be about those I have let slip through the cracks. They are actively involved with several Fears. Or, in a few of their cases, are simply the Fears' errand children. It should be coming tonight. I will label each post from now on to reflect what is inside, as well. Eventually every entry in my posts will be categorized. Hunter, Runner, Psychopath, Pet, etc. I will surely fuck something up if I don't get help. I am not going to be held accountable for what happens because someone didn't speak up when they needed to.

By the way, I have a special message for those that are following me anonymously. Yes, I know you're there, go ahead and step forward. If you have found me, the Fears know about you. Stop hiding and make yourself useful before you get yourself killed hiding in the shadows.

To clarify: I need help. Just reading Trinity's posts have made my head hurt terribly. Who is Victor Sells? Why was he able to find me when Mystery did? Why are there Siblings? Who is Ronnie, and why was it good for Shady to be kidnapped? It's hard to read through every post in such tiny print, when posts seem to come every day. Enlighten me if you can.

Edit: Holy fucking shit damn. I just stumbled across the youtube community of these freaks. They like to take VIDEO of their fucked up shit?! I'm just... I'm at a loss for words right now. Apparently I have alot farther to go before I can stop reading. Or watching, as it now seems.


  1. You've had contact with Victor now? He's very dangerous, and even now I don't know what his intent towards us is. I'm sorry if he followed me to you.

    When he kidnapped Shady, I'll be honest, I never expected to see her again. In the past he has almost seemed to protect us, but he's never been known to take anyone and give them back. His Youtube account is MyDarkJournal, and the Oracle is his (dead but still active) wife. At best, Victor is a madman. At worst, he's... something else.

    The facts that we do know are: he was a medical experiment for the Nazis, and they killed his wife and daughter (and most of his village). He seems to have made some kind of Faustian deal.

    His blog
    His Youtube
    Oracle's Youtube

    Siblings is what Trinity called the other Proxies from when she was kept their prisoner and thought she was one of them. She doesn't call them that so much any more. Ron, Ronnie, or Ronald was her brother, but he is now dead. We couldn't save him.

    If you check my youtube account, I am subbed to every channel in the least bit connected to Slenderman. Ignore my "videos" though. They are stupid, and I hate them. :| I should take them down. Most of the info I presented in them has since been proven incorrect.

  2. Victor found me right after you did, and before Defenders Against Slenders did, actually. I thought him only a Runner at best until I stumbled across the Thrones page, and the "blue" video. Recognizing the music from the Birthday Massacre didn't exactly make it easier to watch. Was that Shady tied up? I thought the thunderstorm to be too much of a coincidence to not be connected to you.

    I thought as much of the Proxies from her blogs, but her way of writing made it heard to read and understand. I have to confess, the thought of her in the cage with rotting bodies and no fresh air had me nauseous. Harder for the reading. I'll need to take a look at your page. I had no idea the Fears and their.... pets had gone so far as youtube.

    Thank you for the help. I'm grateful for any I can get.

  3. Hmm, well I run Defenders, but it was probably your comments on my private blog that made Victor notice you. And yes, from Shady's reaction when she saw the video, it was definitely her. I couldn't be sure until then. The whole blue thing threw me though.

    And thankfully Trina (Trinity) doesn't write like that any more.

  4. The lyrics may have had something to do with why:

    Plastic blue invitations in my room.
    I've been waiting here for you.
    Reservations made for two.
    Sunlight fading.

    Black toungues speak faster than the car can crash.
    You supply the rumours and I'll provide the wrath.
    Romance is breaking every heart in two.
    Casting shadows in the pale shade of blue.

    Plastic blue conversations in my room.
    Saving every tear for you.
    Trusting every word untrue.
    Twilight fading.

    Fate changes faster than the death of light.
    You provide the envy and I'll provide the spite.
    Reflections cutting every face in two.
    Casting shadows in the pale shade of blue.

    I'll make sure to read the rest of her work soon. I wish you well.

  5. i'm getting paranoid

    help me.


  6. Tell me what's wrong, and I'll try my best to help, Ethereal.

  7. EAT's stalking me and i don't know what to do.


  8. Ronnie...

    I am sorry that my writing gave you a headache, ma'am.

  9. If you're planning on accounting for stuff that goes on with Runners...Well. Feel free to write anything about Eternity and I, and this pain the the ass Hypnos that keeps following us around planning to do god knows what. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about what he actually means by all this...But he's a proxy. He either wants to kill us or proxy us. I'm sure of it.

  10. Ethereal, I'd suggest finding someone else that has had contact with EAT, and asking them what they've done. I'd personally suggest Jordan, or DJay32, as he is still alive despite contact.

    Trinity, don't apologize for a way of speaking. The fact that you wrote about your circumstances at all is worth praise, whether it caused me a headache or not. I'm fine. I'll be happy to continue reading your work soon.

    Black Hawk, because of that, you, Eternity, and Hypnos will be the first Runners I write about. I won't do a piece on any Runner without getting their permission first, as I'm afraid of hurting them in the long run. Also, as far as I know, proxies rarely have any other purpose besides to kill, fuck with, or turn you.


  12. I don't like hive mentalities, Highmind. Sorry.

  13. Heheh. Hive minds. It's such a funny word. Don't you think?