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Broken Little Toys

I'd like to make this clear. I'm not a little girl, nor an insane freak you can fuck around with whenever you like. I'm what amounts to a scribe, not some broken little toy. You aren't going to find me and play with me until you get bored. I'm not going to stop what I'm doing just because you say a mean thing, or think I'm something I'm not. It doesn't work that fucking way. I might get along with His children all damn day long and that's fine. I don't mind talking to Runners or Fighters or Proxies or what the fuck ever. None of this gives my followers, or anyone else for that matter, permission to come and try to mindfuck me or hurt me.

If that's all you're here to do, you can get over yourselves. You aren't that goddamn important. You are just as low on the totem pole as I am. Any moment you could die or be exchanged for "a newer model." Everything we do is just to make our lives extend that much longer. Maybe it'…

My First Interview

Yesterday was... strange. After I finished writing the post about Morningstar, I got an email from an address I didn't recognize. Considering that one of my emails is public on my profile, I didn't think anything of it. Maybe a message from one of the Ladies or something. I opened it, and my jaw dropped. I damn near shut the computer and went to sleep, it freaked me out badly enough. Apparently, one of my followers told KK Collins about the Morningstar post. She had read it (and apparently a few of the others), and recognized her being mentioned. Among some of the more colorful phrases written, there was a simple demand. To meet her somewhere public, unarmed. The details and her description were there, but no explanation as to why the hell she was even interested.

I slept badly that night. I had heard horror stories about KK, and what I did know for sure was the fact that she was scary. As hell. I hadn't gone and read her blog, which I dearly started to regret by the time …


The Morning Monster Hunter, better known as Morningstar.

Morningstar began as a sadistic killer who had trouble enjoying himself in a society that regarded murder as taboo.   Star went by the name of Luke Cifer, though reacted rather violently to being called "Lucifer." One day he discovered a picture of the Slenderman, and became obsessed with Him from that moment forward. He believed that the Slenderman was his savior, and began to accumulate any and all information he could about Him in an attempt to contact Him. He caught up with Him, and asked to join him. His turning process was painful, yet somehow managed to keep his memories and a great deal of creativity.

For the next few months, he acted in a typical psychotic fashion and mentioned various proxies and victims he intended to play with. Among those mentioned were Redlight, Ava, and the Blake brothers. He amputated Blake's fingers, but yet allowed him to live and keep writing. Sadistic bastard. He spoke about a b…

The Manufactured Newborn's Birth

The Manufactured Newborn is the youngest of the known Fears. Its' beginnings are unknown, but the first glimpses of its earliest form were that of a pocketwatch. This pocketwatch was thought to be capable of killing the Fears, which made it a very valuable commodity to the victims of the Fears' destruction. A teenager by the name of Owen Norris was the first to find it, thinking it a discarded personal item. Unfortunately, this brought the attention of the supernatural community upon him. The first of them to notice was the Srgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. (Yes, I know it's a pretty ridiculous name. It's supposed to be. It isn't the real name, and I can't find out what it is for the life of me.) To save space, I'll simply refer to them as the Lonely Hearts. The Lonely Hearts were extremely interested in wiping the pocketwatch's existence from the world, and from people's memories. Peter Rivers, a member of said organization, was assigned …

The Messenger, and The Executor

These are two Proxies that are most assuredly on the other side, yet for one reason or another dabble in the lives of others rather heavily. I decided to write about the two of them because they have quite a bit of influence in the lives of those I've come to know recently. Also, they're pretty damn interesting. Nothing says inspiration to write like Proxies that spark your curiosity.

The Messenger

The Messenger, generally referred to as Messi, is a bearer of bad news. He is Punch Clock villain, a man tasked by the Slender Man to inform the deceased's following that they are gone. To shatter hope? To inform? To just plain fuck with the people that are still alive? I don't know. He claims to be twenty seven years old, of regular stature and features, and to live in the New York area. He works for the Slenderman in order to protect his brother from death. He claims to be a True Neutral, though I know better by now. His companions seem to be regular people, when they aren&#…

The Dream

Last night, I had a dream so vivid I can still feel the chill in the night air. The images of the things I found and saw are so bright to me, so surreal. I dreamed, mainly, of a man. He was tall, thin, and had long blond hair he kept tied back. He had a smile that came easily, and was so self conscious. He had scars all over his body, you see, and he thought he was worthless because of them. I thought he was beautiful.

I originally met with him at the request of a friend. I followed him to his home, and asked him for a commission. Somehow, I wound up staying until long after dark talking to him. At the end, he took a memento of mine, and looked at me in surprise. He spoke of echoes, and of searching for my pendant for a long time. He turned it around, and opened the front, like normal. But then, he touched the back, and this strange lock appeared like it had always been there. He smiled, for it looked like the combination was difficult, but all he had to do was push a small piece of t…

Flee From These

There are a few I've found so far, that if it's possible, don't even go near them. Don't speak to them, don't deal with them, and if you have to, put on your spurs and your best steel toed boots. You're going to need them.

First up, Gallows-Tree. He likes to go by the name of Gallows, the morbid little skeleton. He's a fucking psychopath, and that's just from reading what he's written on my posts. He's relatively new, and considers himself a killer. He has a Hollow, Graves, who does his bidding that he likes to play and kill with. Oddly enough I am rather pleased to see he proved a piece of my advice correct in his first few posts. That long hair makes for easy reins when someone's after you. Lives in or around a cemetery, thankfully far from civilization. He has recently proved his connections to the Executor to be true. Heed my advice, and stay the fuck away from him. He's had a bit of trouble from the police lately, apparently an agen…

For Those Watching

I want to apologize for the information I fucked up in my earlier posts. Anonymous and a few victims have managed to correct my oversights, thank god. I originally wrote all of this to keep track of it inside my mind. I left out many details and crucial events in my lists, because I already knew them at the time. Now that other people need it, it's apparent that I need to start writing for an audience, instead of using this selfishly.

I will write more detailed information on the Hunters. If I find willing informants, I would like to keep a running account of the conflicts that are currently going on. I know it will be difficult.  That's where my 'friends' come in. I've already edited several posts across my blogs because of information from those that knew better than I. If you have anything to speak up about, do NOT be afraid to do so. The more these posts are actually needed, the more I will write. End of story.

My next blog will be about those I have let slip t…

More to be Wary of.

This list of mostly of those that are only victims, or associated with the Fears. They are nowhere near as dangerous as those I've mentioned in the past.

Carol Baker and Frank Bellman Also known as Baker and Bellman. This pair, whom I assume at first glance are hunters, have hopefully only gone on vacation. The last time they were seen active was July 8th. I'm starting to think they are dead. They have links to the SMSC, which is apparently an organization that Meredith is involved in.  They seem to refer to the fears as Boojum. Thanks to the ever vigilant anonymous, I now know why.

"Because the Baker and the Bellman are two characters from "The Hunting of the Snark," which is about a group of people hunting, that's right, a snark. Except the snark turns out to be a boojum, which looks exactly like a snark except that if you look at it you will vanish completely away. Because the snark was a boojum you see."  They were present at the birth of the Manufac…

Every Fear Has Pets

They almost never work alone. Like our Wooden Girl has her puppets, so too do the other Fears play with humans. There are the mindless ones, the dead ones, the ones that have some choice, the ones that are like their friends, the ones that kill off the ones that know... there's a long list. Even the victims normally end up serving them somehow, whether by dying or turning to their side. In finding the reports of the people who have encountered the fears, I've encountered those that scare me nearly as much as the Fears themselves. The scariest ones? They're the ones that you can't predict. You don't know how much they really know, or what they're really up to. So here's who I've found so far. Keep one eye open for...

The Steward: This guy scares the bloody hell out of me. He's one of the most obvious pets, and one of the ones that I refuse to look away from. Why? Not only has he done a Face Heel Turn from victim to bad guy, but in my opinion, he is on…