Settling In

My life is slowly coming together, here among the noise and the smog. My roommate knows more than she lets on, but we let each other pretend we don't have our secrets. I get to feel.. normal for a while. No posting about the death and mayhem that follows the Fossils. No Trackers giggling over knowing where I am. No Proxies thinking they have something to hold over my head because they've been in my home. Well, except for maybe one. But I'm not telling who. If you can't guess, you really don't need to know.

I'm looking for a job, one that's a bit more flexible than the one I had before. I've put in plenty of applications, and I.. I have friends here that are willing to help me. Some of them new, most of them old. I can sit and watch Fight Club for the first time, and giggle over Marla and Bob's bitchtits. I can go to sleep from behind a locked door, and not have to worry about some fucktard with supernatural powers walking in and tying me to the bed or torturing me. I can, *gasp*, have friends doesn't know who They are. I'm swallowing my pride and applying for government help until I can get on my feet, which I would never have done before.

A lot has changed. I feel more free than ever, honestly. I put all my old pictures, notebooks, and files on people into storage under a name none of you know me by. I put the key somewhere safe, and I only really brought the mementos that meant something to me without being bloodstained or cause misery. A certain knife, my book and dvd collections, my computer, and maybe a quarter of my old clothes. A few sentimental things.

I've gone from a shut in whose only real company were the people who were running for their lives or trying to fuck her life up, to someone that's giving an honest shot at a real life. I finally told my "family" that they were out of a 'job', and that they could go back to what they were doing before. Or, keep tricking the organization into giving them a paycheck for a charade I knew about. They weren't terrible people, deep down, just afraid and in need of the money. I could understand that. I'd be a hypocrite if I judged their will to live.

 Let's see.. oh! I even have a date! One that seems fairly normal, if a little arrogant. I managed to find this cute little hipster kid, with eyes so blue you could drown in them. Yeah, I think I'll have fun with him.  Maybe get laid, who knows? I haven't gotten the chance in months, and I feel like making the neighbors a little... jealous. ;) You know what I mean.

Most of all, I haven't had to look over my shoulder as much. I've managed to cut ties with my old town. After the bloodbath my dear Graves and Gallows put it through, I'm sure no one will be missing me or my friends any time soon. My boss wanted to kick up a fuss about my leaving on such short notice. I handled that fairly easily, as he had a fairly bad habit of taking whores to the local motels and fucking them in rooms without drawing the blinds. All it took were a few pictures, and the promise that I was leaving for good. Only condition was a few paychecks and a glowing letter of recommendation for the next place I decided to frequent.