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For the record in case anyone's paying attention, I'm on a very long haitus. Since... earlier events... I've been a tad bipolar, to an extreme. I can't focus, and I have the oddest urge to stab anyone that comes near me. Not exactly healthy, especially when it comes to my friends.

So it looks like you kiddies will have to do your own homework for a while, ya? Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm also rather ashamed of the fact that I can't seem to hold a conversation that lasts more than five minutes without acting like a complete nut job, like... right now for example. I don't even know what the fuck I'm doing or saying.

Another example. A couple of days ago I heard a certain Rihanna song on the radio on the way to the grocery store, and nearly crashed into a ditch. Not pleasant. I now have an extreme aversion to a huge list of songs, which is frankly fucking annoying. Also, obligatory hate-filled moment: FUCK YOU AND BURN IN HELL YOU GODDAMNED SOULLESS BAST…

Interview with Andromeda

Andromeda requested an interview, and I wasn't in the mood to be stabbed again, considering the circumstances.Peter's interview, I was a bit paranoid and only interacted with him through email. This time, I was a little less so. With people apparently finding me,  it doesn't really matter anymore. Nothing matters anymore. We used a webcam session to 'film' our little interview, and well.. this is the result.

Start of Interview

Andromeda: (She appears on my screen. She looks like she hasn't been sleeping much. Her suit is slightly rumpled, tie loose and top button undone, skin pale with bags under her eyes behind her glasses. Her hair's coming out of its bun, adding to the frazzled look. She smiles at me, obviously tired.) Good evening, dear.

Me: Good evening, Andromeda. Or, would you prefer to be called Constance?

Andromeda: (quiet chuckle) I'm sticking with Andromeda for now.

Me: Alright then, Andromeda. When you got ahold of me, you mentioned wanting t…

Streets of Gold

I've been gone. Gone gone far away farther than the rainbow, and I wish I haven't been. I want to wake up on the other side and realize this is just another dream. I dreamt of this before, and I thought it was a lie, I thought it would go away, but no it was real it was real please god make it go away... Executor was kind compared to this. I'm so sorry. I... I need to put a warning on this for anyone reading. If you're faint of heart, or are easily offended, leave now. I won't be able to censor it.

I was leaving... Monday morning? I think? To go to that friend's house I mentioned. I thought if I left for a while, took a vacation, tried to make the stalker go away maybe i wouldn't have to worry.. he'd go away and everyone would leave me alone. oh no. tha'ts never how it works is it? I'd packed an old, ratty bookbag with some clothes, books, and an ipod. I was carrying my laptop on my way to my car when a shadow crossed mine. I looked up to find a …

I've been gone..

It feels like forever now. I.. shit, might as well just say it. An evil man named David found me on the way to my friend's house. Why'd he come for me? Because I am friends with Ronan, the Mad Ventriloquist. Here I was worrying about a regular human stalker, I should have been worrying about him. He.. he hurt me, the entire time I was gone. I've been in the hospital since they found me. God, so much happened in two days. He.. I can't, won't put in a place children can accidentally see. Hell, anyone that hasn't been through hell has no place seeing it. I'm putting what happened  on my other blog, The Jester's Folly, so if you really want to.. you can see it. For the followers of the other one, I'm sorry. That's the best I can do from where I'm at.

I'm in a good deal of pain, but the painkillers are helping for the moment. I don't know what else to tell you. Bad shit happened, someone found me without really even trying, and my hopes a…

This time, it'll be a little different.

I've been in and out of contact with a.. friend of mine, Peter Rivers. His family and old associates have tried warning me away from dealing with him several times, but I believed that Peter needed his story told. Our emails have been flitty and unfocused to put it lightly, so direct quotes are going to be spread across this post rather heavily. I apologize if this makes it hard to read.

Peter has been a friend, a brother, a traitor, and many other things. At some points, he has even been a savior. I've written about him in the past, so I'm not going to regurgitate things I've said about him before. On those parts, I'll only say: he was heavily involved in the birth of the Manufactured Newborn. If you want to know more about those kinds of things, just read that post. It should be in the Archive for this blog. Now, if I'm not going to give a blow by blow account of what he did, what am I going to do? I'm going to show the highlights of his rather eventful l…

First post, the Cross.

I went to check my mail, and found an envelope taped to my front door. After reading it and seeing its contents, I figured I should get some help on this. It's also why I'll be double posting tonight. You'll see why in a minute. I have a series of pictures I'm going to upload, and then a dictation of something that'll probably be too hard to read.

First, the envelope and the pictures of the letter:
Yes, Dia is short for Dialga. Dialga is the Japanese name for 'Diamond.' I use that name for a reason, though doubt it will come up. The contents were a small gold and diamond cross.  And there's the second half of the letter. I'm going to translate over what the letter said (my camera sucks, I'm really sorry.) Then, I'll explain why I'm starting to be worried.
Dia, my Diamond,
                 I love you so much, and you just don't know it. I'm afraid to show you my love. I feel like everytime I see you, I can't help but hide. All my co…


I figured I would finally expand on this idea. I've mentioned it several times in my blog, but most don't know what I'm talking about. Generally, I got the idea from reading Messi's blog. Gatherers are pretty much Proxies that pretend to be a victim/a Runner in order to gather information about the other side. It can go on for years without ever being found out. Technically, all it would take would be a phone or a computer to achieve the results you needed. You could be sitting next to the Runners you were turning in, and 'just barely escape with your life.' I've seen Poe is technically supposed to be a Gatherer, but I haven't seen any other examples. There's no way the proxies are that damn good at hiding their tracks.

I believe that there are more of these little fuckers in our midst than just one or two. Oh no. I believe there's an entire hidden group of Gatherers, specifically around to find out what they need to take Runners/uncooperative P…

And then, there were roses.

Not doing my normal homework for this post, I have heavier things on my mind right now. I believe this list ought to show you all a few situations that are volatile at the present moment. Pay attention to these, as the eye to the storm only lasts so long.

No Pressure = No Diamonds, There are three wonderful women that are currently running from an unknown force. Lis, Marie, and Tia didn't really know much about their situation until they were already in boiling water. People got hurt, Marie went into a coma, and someone started hijacking their accounts. Lis and Tia received a warning as they were packing to run from their tormenter, making their wonderful little 'follower' rather obvious in his stalking.

They fled, and with the luck of the damned, showed up at a Silent Hill-esque motel. They also managed to land themselves in some kind of time loop. None of the inhabitants can see each other, and are beginning to turn frantic. Blake is presumed missing, Lis is considering g…