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Runners and Proxies

The prejudices surrounding the two terms are many. To me, they're simply laughable. To be a Runner, you're supposed to be bright shiny and fight the good fight. To be unfailing in your quest for the truth and the betterment of mankind, blah blah blah. To be a Proxy, you need to be the root of all evil, and having mastered your laugh and torture techniques are definitely a plus. I'd like to go ahead and say, just these two generalizations are complete bullshit. Believing in these rules of thumb for dealing with the Slenderverse will get your ass killed, if not worse. What would be worse? Having to work for an abomination you hate, having your friends and loved ones stalked and destroyed from the inside out, having to watch as you inadvertently cause the deaths of the innocent. Fun, huh? I hate to dredge up bad memories, but what about Zero? What about Andromeda? What about Morningstar, and Messi, and countless others? These people on both sides of the 'good' fight c…


It seems my reputation gets around. That's a nice surprise. I'm sorry that I haven't been around to help anyone lately, but the break has been much needed and appreciated. The chance to sit back and think, to ponder, to get away from everything and hope that the shadows will go away... it's been priceless. I can't promise I'll be back 'soon', but the break will be far shorter than I originally thought. So eventually, I will be coming back.

I'm sorry that my absence has caused bickering, as well. I'm more than happy to get tips and help, as I haven't exactly been doing my research lately. I haven't looked at a blog since I last posted this, actually. It's helped. I'm more than happy to have people debate and speak among themselves. Those that would defend my state of mind are appreciated as well. I wanted people to gather together no matter the side or allegiance and be able to relax, if for only a few minutes.

I regret that I haven…