Runners and Proxies

The prejudices surrounding the two terms are many. To me, they're simply laughable. To be a Runner, you're supposed to be bright shiny and fight the good fight. To be unfailing in your quest for the truth and the betterment of mankind, blah blah blah. To be a Proxy, you need to be the root of all evil, and having mastered your laugh and torture techniques are definitely a plus. I'd like to go ahead and say, just these two generalizations are complete bullshit. Believing in these rules of thumb for dealing with the Slenderverse will get your ass killed, if not worse. What would be worse? Having to work for an abomination you hate, having your friends and loved ones stalked and destroyed from the inside out, having to watch as you inadvertently cause the deaths of the innocent. Fun, huh? I hate to dredge up bad memories, but what about Zero? What about Andromeda? What about Morningstar, and Messi, and countless others? These people on both sides of the 'good' fight completely fly in the face of every rule that we're supposed to follow, and to be honest, they don't really give a fuck.

Where am I going with this? I don't really know, to be honest. Being in the Grey Area and having taken a break from everything involved have given me the ability to realize... we're just beating a dead fucking horse. Everyone just wants to keep living, and hopefully with the least amount of pain (for themselves) that they can manage. The people that work for Slendy don't want to die, so they make a deal or get trapped by the threat of people that could die if they crossed him. In the case of some, well... they enjoy it. All the more power to 'em, we're all going to die anyway.The people running? Well, their reasons are kinda obvious. Fighters and Gatherers break the mold a little because they at the least aren't boring. They do something besides the normal, boring (and fatal) routine that we all wind up locked into. My advice to anyone who even knows who the Slenderman is, let alone is stalked by him or works for him, stop fucking around and try to live your life.

I don't really care what you call yourself, or what you do. That's your own business. But for fuck's sake, why are we running around like chickens with our heads cut off? We're scared and worried, and normally lonely and paranoid. That's normal, I'm not saying that we should be robots and ignore the tentacled freak. That probably isn't going to be possible, our instincts tell us to either bash something in the head with a club or run away crying like a little one. Fight or flight, kinda hard to beat, yeah? But really, the paranoia and the bullshit we put ourselves and each other through is just destructive at best! "I don't like the way you made your shield" or "I don't like your aura" or "What are we going to do? Oh nooooooo, wah!" Or, on a flipside, just grinding through the stalking and the threatening and whatever the hell else he assigns you. If you don't die first, every one of you is going to wind up jaded, uninspired, and possibly suicidal.

Maybe you'll wind up shagging like bunnies while you wait for something to kill you, and then you don't pay enough attention to do anything about it. Be creative! Fuck, get together the people you share a common ground with and make a fortress, don't be the friggin' lone wolf. That shit'll get old real damn quick. If you're killing someone, make it a masterpiece. Point and shoot, or wait and cry, it's not worth it. Get some hope, fall in love, spill some blood, cause some nightmares, but god, mix it up a little for your own sake. I'm not going to bore you by making a huge list of the prejudices, but shit, break 'em. They aren't worth a shit, they're getting you killed, and to be a bitch about it, you're selling yourself out if you think you're limited to the rules that the dead or the foolish set down for you. Great job if they keep you alive, but if they don't, chuck 'em out the fucking window. Giant repetitive rant to the side, seriously, I'd prefer it if my friends weren't miserable or dead. Pull your heads out of your asses and do something to change the status quo, for fuck's sake.

Signing off for now, your friend(?) Dia.



It seems my reputation gets around. That's a nice surprise. I'm sorry that I haven't been around to help anyone lately, but the break has been much needed and appreciated. The chance to sit back and think, to ponder, to get away from everything and hope that the shadows will go away... it's been priceless. I can't promise I'll be back 'soon', but the break will be far shorter than I originally thought. So eventually, I will be coming back.

I'm sorry that my absence has caused bickering, as well. I'm more than happy to get tips and help, as I haven't exactly been doing my research lately. I haven't looked at a blog since I last posted this, actually. It's helped. I'm more than happy to have people debate and speak among themselves. Those that would defend my state of mind are appreciated as well. I wanted people to gather together no matter the side or allegiance and be able to relax, if for only a few minutes.

I regret that I haven't kept as close a watch as I should have on the many different accounts across the internet. If anyone would like to give me a brief overview of what's been happening, I could probably track down the various events a little easier. I'm afraid to even look at my Google Reader, to be honest. So yes, this here is my asking for a little bit of help. I don't 'technically' need it or have to have it, but it would be nice to have some decent conversation for a while. I'll be taking off sometime in the next few hours, but I do miss my various different friends and acquaintances.

I've had some time to think about what's happened, to question my own allegiances and beliefs. I'm not quite as bright sunshiney as I used to believe I was. It isn't a disappointment to realize this, either. I can more comfortably put on my Grey hat and do my 'job' once I return. For the ones on either side of the fight that were hoping I would 'turn' or 'fight the good fight' after previous events, well.. I'm sorry. I won't be living up to those beliefs, I'm afraid. I would like to say I'm a good person, with good habits and morals, but I don't believe in the rules that bind each side. I just don't like playing fair anymore, ya see?

I am somewhat calmer than I was, thankfully. Those moments I used to have are becoming rare to see. I believe I may even be capable of speaking to David without flippin' my shit. Maybe. I want to make a post in the somewhat near future about the stereotypes that surround the Proxies and the Runners. This would make me happy, but you all know what happens to my little pet projects. Sometimes they never see the light of day, and that is truly sad. Hopefully I will be a help to the community soon, though again, no promises.

So this I suppose is an announcement that I am doing well, and I am mostly healthy and happier than I once was. Help would be nice, as would a head count of sorts so I don't worry. Oh! I forgot to mention. They believe they know who the admirer was, but they have little evidence, unfortunately. David completely managed to escape untouched, as frustrating as that is. How the hell do you leave no fingerprints behind after two bloody days? The police are inept as always, I suppose. Later for now, friends.