The Messenger, and The Executor

These are two Proxies that are most assuredly on the other side, yet for one reason or another dabble in the lives of others rather heavily. I decided to write about the two of them because they have quite a bit of influence in the lives of those I've come to know recently. Also, they're pretty damn interesting. Nothing says inspiration to write like Proxies that spark your curiosity.

The Messenger

The Messenger, generally referred to as Messi, is a bearer of bad news. He is Punch Clock villain, a man tasked by the Slender Man to inform the deceased's following that they are gone. To shatter hope? To inform? To just plain fuck with the people that are still alive? I don't know. He claims to be twenty seven years old, of regular stature and features, and to live in the New York area. He works for the Slenderman in order to protect his brother from death. He claims to be a True Neutral, though I know better by now. His companions seem to be regular people, when they aren't killing. What do they do, exactly?They hunt, they track, and they kill those you lot call Runners. They aren't particularly remorseful about it, either.

In the beginning, he had Caper and Poe. Their job was to track Runners. They made accounts and blogs to gain information, and trust, about the other side. They would find locations of where the unsuspecting people were, and other people are sent in. Devious little bastards. The worst part of this deception is the fact that most of the time, these Hunters (and their blogs) go uncaught. They continue to write and operate as though nothing happened. Caper was a funny, like-able man with Multiple Choice Past. His pasts, while funny, drove Messi damn near bonkers trying to decipher and find the truth in them. It would seem to me that with each story, he told at least a little of the truth. A tiny smidgen of maybe. Poe, well, she doesn't like to talk about herself. She mainly stayed at Caper's side, and helped Messi figure out when he was lying, and when he wasn't. A good companion and friend, if a little quiet. Formerly went by Annabel.

Anyway, back to the story. He started doing interviews with the people he worked with, I think mainly to help keep himself sane. If I were being honest about the whole thing, it was also to help defeat the apathy and the boredom that comes with a job like his. Waiting around between deaths has to be such a bitch. The Messenger found himself working alongside former victims of ol' Slendy called the Husks, and wound up explaining their nature quite by accident. These unfortunate people were the turned Runners, the victims that were forcibly dragged into the Slenderman's employ, the frightened and the scared that had no choice in the end. In the process of being turned, they lost the majority of their personalities and memories. This loss drove them over the cliff into insanity, and they clung to any story they could to give themselves reason to exist.

Realizing this made Messi come to the realization that most of those that worked for the Slenderman were regular people, that had their lives destroyed one day. It also served to send him into a minor depression. The death of Zero made him pretty happy, though. One day he began to tell a story, one that seemed unrelated until nearly the end. The short version was this: "Alan had a little brother, Kyle, that got trapped up in the mess that was the Slender universe. Slendy started coming to stalk Kyle, and Alan made a deal with the devil. "I'll work for you, just as long as you leave Kyle and everyone around him alone." You can guess who Alan was.

Not too long after that, his friend Caper died because of his defiance of the Slenderman over a young girl. The young girl that he had been tasked in earlier entries to find. When he found the information of where and who she was, Caper couldn't give it to the Slenderman. He risked everything to protect her and destroyed all of the relevant information. His soft spot got him killed, and I wish it weren't true... because I genuinely liked Caper. It's difficult as hell not to care about the people that do His work. Caper's death devastated his partner Poe, and caused her to retreat in much the same kind of depression that Messi had begun to sink into.

Someone came along after that that served to help bring the Messenger out of his funk. Ah, the introduction of Nee-chan! (I'm sorry, when she's not being a murdering bitch, she's one of my favorite proxies.) As far as I can tell, she brought some much needed energy and happiness into the Messenger's life. Nee-chan is a young girl that runs around in a Sailor Moon type costume holding a plushie of the Slenderman. Wonderful. She used to be the Messenger's roommate, but... shit happened, and she traded with Poe. Now she rooms with Screwtape, a rather messed up individual. Nee-chan is apparently a Hunter. Hunters, if you hadn't guessed, are like the assassins that work under the Fears. They're the ones that get their hands all bloody.

Nee-chan seems to have a fascination with knives, which I'm going to safely assume are how she butchers the victims she's sent after. Nee-Chan crashed a rather popular wedding, and nearly got herself killed for her effort. She did, however, manage to kill one of the grooms. Nee-chan's real name is Erika Lyons, though a rather heavily threat was given towards anyone that called her anything besides Nee-chan or Eri.

The Executor

At first glance, the Executor looks to be a bit of a glorified errand boy. He takes His order to His children, targets, and Hunters. He has the ability to enter dreams, and implant the seeds of ideas, orders, and contracts within our minds. He seems to need to be present for the better part of his victims' dreams in order to stay inconspicuous, and avoid alerting their minds to the presence of an intruder. He confesses to using this "dreamwalking" as his only sense of fun, and shamelessly uses it to his advantage.

Out of all his little 'pets,' he seems to keep two around despite the occasional death or dismemberment. They are referred to as Proxy 85 and Proxy 269. Proxy 260 is also known as Prosper. Prosper is probably one of the oldest pets of his employ, and seems to have gone through a few design changes over the years. Unfortunately when this happens to a pet, it generally means  they become even harder to kill than before. Why is Prosper a favorite? I don't know, nor do I particularly want to find out firsthand.  Proxy 85 is supposedly a new creation of the Executor's, yet he's more knowledgeable and less stupid than the freshly turned proxies normally are. Proxy 85 has recently been traded in Shady's place to someone that goes by the name of The Avatar. The Avatar is a part of a wonderful little group named the Vindicate. This group obviously had some kind of plans for Shady, but whatever they were, they weren't made public.

He refers to his victims as ticking time bombs, waiting for the ideas he implants in our minds to go off. He also heavily implies that he leaves behind a kind of compulsion for some of the writers that are connected to the Slenderman, but never comes right out and confirms it. As for himself, he implies that he is damn near immortal in his work for the Slenderman. Soon after Shady began speaking to Trinity, the Executor kidnapped her to try and break her for information. At the time, he wanted to use her as an example of their, and His, power. That idea backfired tremendously, and wound up biting him in the ass pretty badly with its repercussions. He tortured the Lady at various intervals, but somewhere in the middle of all that she earned his respect. Well, that and killed  a few proxies that were stupid enough to underestimate her.

She managed to escape after what seemed like months within her own head, and had what looked to be no help in doing so. Most interestingly, when the Lady escaped she had a brand on her shoulder of the Slenderman's mark, and she chose to bring the mask the Executor made for her. What only served to make it stranger was the fact that this mask was one he forced her to wear, and she for some reason became attached to. The events that surrounded Shady's escape (mainly her seeing far more of him without a mask and their surroundings than he had ever planned on) scared him badly enough to make him move his base of operations.

Victor disliked the amount of power the Executor wielded, and gave chase around the world after him in an attempt to consume him. The Executor normally made copies of himself by consuming the souls of his victims, and yet, that was the fate Victor was trying to hand him.  A colleague of his, the Wildman, got caught by Victor's tentacles and was consumed instead. The Executor managed to escape by the skin of his teeth to a beautiful cave in the Mediterranean, where he has begun creating more copies to replace those consumed by the Faceless King. He spoke of lying low for awhile, yet came to break that promise to himself not long after that.

Soon afterwards, he began to play mind games with Mystery and her family. Somewhere in the middle of July, he decided to personally visit Blackwater at an expedition in the Alps. This expedition was also connected to the creators of the Defenders Against Slenders blog. Guess who?Their general purpose was to help do research and recon for the DAS founders, but this particular jaunt off into the wilderness was one they had been warned against. Surprise surprise, the Executor showed up and hurt them pretty severely. Why? Basically to prove he could. Besides regrouping, I'm not sure of what his intentions or his future plans are. What I have here is the results of my own, personal research into his life and those associated with him. Feel free to correct me.


  1. I wouldn't say they were warned against it. I've just worked up a list of places that might hold answers (and hopefully weapons) concerning Slenderman, and the Alps were not high on the list of promising sites. I was rather disappointed that Blackwater chose to go there and not some of the other places I suggested. I mean, they're military... they have guns. They could have gone into some of the warzones and poked around, but they chose the Alps. If Executor hadn't stuck his nose in, I'd say it was more or less a vacation for them. But at least it's one more place crossed off my list.

  2. Considering no one will mention what they were originally after there, I had to make some guesses. Eventually, I would love to know why the Executor thought it was important to show up to begin with.

  3. Well, um...thanks for this, I guess. Be sure to, I don't know, read the interview about Poe?

    Look, I really don't know what to say. I'm flattered, maybe. But now I've gotta go back through my blog and respond to all your comments for the sake of those who come in the future, and just in case you're desperately looking for answers. Bit of a hassle. But whatever.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  4. I will. I kind of have to, now that I've read and written about the two of you.

    Consider it good publicity. If not, well... just forget about it and keep doing what you do. I'll keep asking the questions and writing about the people no one else seems to want to.

    Sorry for the hassle, dear. I'll try not to bother you, if it's that important to ya.

  5. Sorry, what I'm searching for must remain a mystery (get it? mystery? heh) for now. I can't let the baddies know I have some idea of what can damage Him.

    What *I* would like to know is what Executor found so interesting in Liam's head. I never met any of the men who went to the Alps, but now I would really like to!

    As for Messenger, I can understand his reluctance to be noticed. He works for Slenderman in order to stay on his good side, from what I've read. Any scrutiny from our side puts people in danger, especially himself if he forms attachments which make him act against his own best interests or if it seems that he's betrayed his master. (I can't use the word master without picturing Slenderman as Emperor Palpatine...)

  6. Yes, dear, I saw the pun. It was very cute. And as for Liam, well... we agree on that, most definitely.

    I want the guy to be happy. If my writing about him fucked his lifestyle up, well.. I sure as hell didn't mean to do that when I started writing.

  7. You know, if you're going to talk, you can talk directly to me at the very least.

    And I really have no problem with this. It's nice to have to trawl through comments every now and then. Ignore my complaining. My complaining about a bit of work is nothing new, is it?

    And master? Pfft, hahahaha! He's not my master. Why the hell do you think I call him The Boss? Oh, and trust me. I'm not about to get attached to any of you. No offense.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  8. Wow. You're still here? That's new. Normally the people I write about either threaten to kill me or leave when they get bored. If you want conversation, that I can do. If you're anything like me, you enjoy the ability to be lazy.

    No offense taken, believe me. I like you wayyy on the other side of the States. No attachment needed.

  9. My my, should I be flattered? Oh if such bore weight within this war perhaps then I may be feeling such. Who are you little broker that spews such information? You got it wrong the earlier entry, I saw; but I see my previous house guest cleared things up, hm? You summarize the obvious of things; perhaps for that I should be thankful. Those that don't do their homework all their own have something to look to rather than waste my valuable time. I see now there might be something worth watching over you for and so I set my sights upon you. Consider this a personal interest for now, though I do not doubt you'll worm your way onto my list. Your kind seems to enjoy adding to it, thing.

    Yours truly,
    Thy Executor

  10. Thank you for confirming that suspicion of mine, Executor. You really aren't that subtle of a gentleman, but at least you don't pull your punches. Yes, thank me for keeping the little ones away from you with their annoying little questions. I think it highly odd that I write about you, and within hours you reappear like magic. Like you've been here the whole time, I'd say. As for who I am, well... that's not important. Surely not to someone like you.

  11. Um, Dia? Avatar is Peter whatsisface, umm Peter Rivers?