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Off the Radar

So I've made it to my destination. Honestly, I've been here for a while now. I had a few friends help me get where I needed to go and keep under the radar for a while. Find a job, find a place to live, start unpacking my shit. I got all that done within a week. I haven't bothered posting, not because I've had nothing to say.. but because I couldn't stand the mythos as its been for the past few months. My followers had gotten whiny and demanding, and I was getting enough followers to rival the bigger name blogs. You know, the ones that actually ARE being chased by the Fears and have something to worry about. Namely, not me.

But really,  let me repeat myself. I couldn't stand you fuckers. One minute you're telling me I'm being too whiny, the next minute you're telling me I don't open up enough. That there isn't enough "plot", like this is some goddamn made up story. Like I'm some protagonist for you to root for or boo at when I …