Flee From These

There are a few I've found so far, that if it's possible, don't even go near them. Don't speak to them, don't deal with them, and if you have to, put on your spurs and your best steel toed boots. You're going to need them.

First up, Gallows-Tree. He likes to go by the name of Gallows, the morbid little skeleton. He's a fucking psychopath, and that's just from reading what he's written on my posts. He's relatively new, and considers himself a killer. He has a Hollow, Graves, who does his bidding that he likes to play and kill with. Oddly enough I am rather pleased to see he proved a piece of my advice correct in his first few posts. That long hair makes for easy reins when someone's after you. Lives in or around a cemetery, thankfully far from civilization. He has recently proved his connections to the Executor to be true. Heed my advice, and stay the fuck away from him. He's had a bit of trouble from the police lately, apparently an agent knows who he is and who he works for. The agent is most likely trying to lure him out by making a trap out of the policemen in the area.

That would mean Victor Sells is next. He also goes by King, as a sort of nickname for his following the Faceless King. He's a bit.. scary.  This is his wife, the Oracle. He is supposedly a part of a Faustian deal with the Slenderman. He speaks in rhymes and riddles, and almost always in poems. Victor was a medical experiment for the Nazis. These were ordered by a notorious Josef Mengele, also known as the Angel of Death. This angel caused the deaths of the majority of his village by performing grisly and inhumane experiments on them. Those that survived came with the Angel, to be used and abused and tested upon so more atrocities could be committed. His wife, unlike the others, was said to have died by the gunfire of overeager soldiers.

He is very protective of his games and those he plays with. He refers to those that follow and read his work as the Chosen.What surprises me is that he gives them a choice of whether or not they want to participate. It's a little surprising considering that most of our enemies have very little honor. As I read through his work, these actions of his seem eerily similar to those of the doctors that held him captive. The doctors wanted test subjects to work upon, and wanted to pacify the general populace at the same time. They came up with the idea of a "lottery," a selection of men and women to willingly offer themselves as guinea pigs. They referred to these candidates as the Chosen, and gave them the benefits of extra rations and lottery immunity for their children.

The man that created the serums that killed so many was also responsible for the choice the people had in being a part of the tests. This, he said, was to insure full cooperation once the benefits were known. Knowing these facts, Victor frightens me all the more. To have been able to adapt to his conditions, and use the tactics of those that experimented on him speaks of his intelligence. He has of late kidnapped the before mentioned ShadyLady, and returned her to her comrades. Strangely enough, the lady seems to be in better spirits than before. What difference was there between Robbie and Shady? Why does Victor seek to protect the compound and friends inside? I wish him comfort, if it is possible for him, after over 70 years of pain.

I have another honorable mention for you. He is the Mad Ventriloquist. A storyteller that refers to himself in the third person. His form of coping seems to be staying drunk and isolating himself. He believes every story should be told. I put him in this list because associating with him is still dangerous, despite how highly I speak of him. This danger is mostly because of David and his petty attempts, but I'll get to that later. He does not advocate death at every turn. He believes, as I do, that the puppets are not to blame for their Master's commands.

I would also like to correct a small oversight some have been saying. Not all proxies are willing. Being a Proxy merely means you have "free will." Yes, you can blink without being told to do so. That does not mean that you want to kill, or deserve to be killed. There are those that have changed their ways. I am proud of these. I do not advocate taking a life unless yours is in jeopardy, or the soul in question is so entrenched in evil it takes joy in its actions without the Master's commands. Once you have taken a life, you take the choice into your hands. Years of life, of light, of choices made and mistakes created are done away in a moment. I see kindness where others see a lonely road. So sue me.

Back to the Ventriloquist.  He speaks rather frequently of a Minori, a policewoman he was once assigned to help. Minori was a woman that meant very much to him. She is a woman that frequents his dreams and is in nearly every entry of his notebook. The Ventriloquist had a friend, David, that went with the man in the suit. I suppose he became one of the Slenderman's followers. A shame, every time that happens. This David of his has assaulted his home and his friends, and is mainly the reason I still say he is dangerous to be around.

The Ventriloquist's true name is Ronan, a gentle man who sings and plays the piano, whose allegiance is rather foggy. After more reading and research, I have found that TMV is not quite who everyone thought him to be. He has mafia connections, and had a rather suspicious last conversation with Minori, the woman he was assigned to protect. He alludes to the fact that he is mostly neutral, and that he and David have a rather emotional relationship for friends. I'm not even describing what that could mean, I don't want to get shanked.


  1. Eheheh! Talking is a waste if ya don't mean every word of it, chickie. :)

    Yes yes yes. New to your internet. Not new to the game. Bald fuck came round long ago. Nice to have found the one place where all the victims gather.

    I could show ya where I live, girlie. Why don't ya come stay a few days, heh!

  2. I meant every word. I can just as easily block you from seeing what I write, Gallow. I have no interest in playing "Let's Torture the Writer" today, or any day.

  3. Girlie, if I wanted to torture ya things would be different. Consider this motivation. I want to see where this is going.

    Maybe I wanna give ya a hand, girlie. Figuratively for the lady of course. :)

  4. If you happen to have one preserved on hand, sure. A new memento would be nice, though hardly the one I'm thinking of. Private joke, I really shouldn't be doing that.

    I'll take it as a compliment. A fucked up one, but nonetheless. I won't refuse your help if it's genuine. I'll continue either way.

  5. Oh girlie I got some nice and tasty info for ya. Is it so wrong I wanna make sure it goes to the right person? Gotta make sure ya can play the game and handle the heat. Y'know. ;)

  6. you ask
    i hear and i obey

    she wass not infected. no thing to return.
    she asked as well
    "do you love?"
    she wass dying slowly
    from the inside out.

    yes. i

    ////91/ Kristallnacht
    only the beginning. murderers of repose
    those temples full of treason.

    these clocks are ticking down.
    my gift to you. you see so much.

  7. Gallows, I've learned quite well so far that information always comes with a price. Amusement, happiness, a trade, a favor, the feeling of charity, whatever. It's still a price, and I try to always be aware of what I'm stepping into before I accept such things.

    King, you honor me with your first words. First of all, thank you for your kind words. I am as always grateful for the sparing of pain. Especially so in the case of one like the Lady, who has helped me and shown her kindness. If you helped bring her happiness, then I hope to one day help bring it to you. If it doesn't come at the cost of the innocent. My moral compass doesn't exactly point north, but I do believe in it.

    I am hopelessly lost in understanding some things, even those you say. I see some things, yet somehow, I hear so little. I hope you mean to anticipate the day of the first, of the ninth month. The Night of Broken Glass brought so much pain, to so many. I will keep whistling past graveyards while I wait and see, and try to keep the traitors and their kisses from my garden.

  8. No adventurous spirit. You don't gotta do anything yet, girlie. I'm just gonna sit back here and watch for a bit is all. Poke ya like you're a dying fire pit now and again. :)

    Let ya think on something to give for when I comes a knocking. Oh girlie, I can't wait I tell ya.

  9. What was stolen, will Be Returned.
    wenig Deutsch Dieb
    he put it in the water
    as he left
    us to die.
    he put it in the water and murdered us all.
    Lasset die Kinder
    dies Sünden
    diese Väter

    older than you think. yes.
    darkness that hungerss. Empty Night.

  10. The angel put ashes in the water. Did your sins die with the children? Or do they continue to haunt you, my friend?

    The only thing I can think the Empty Night to mean is of the Master that regenerated.

  11. These people are more insane than i am.

    At least i don't try and kill people!


  12. Gallows-Tree's blog comments house a lot of weirdos.