This time, it'll be a little different.

I've been in and out of contact with a.. friend of mine, Peter Rivers. His family and old associates have tried warning me away from dealing with him several times, but I believed that Peter needed his story told. Our emails have been flitty and unfocused to put it lightly, so direct quotes are going to be spread across this post rather heavily. I apologize if this makes it hard to read.

Peter has been a friend, a brother, a traitor, and many other things. At some points, he has even been a savior. I've written about him in the past, so I'm not going to regurgitate things I've said about him before. On those parts, I'll only say: he was heavily involved in the birth of the Manufactured Newborn. If you want to know more about those kinds of things, just read that post. It should be in the Archive for this blog. Now, if I'm not going to give a blow by blow account of what he did, what am I going to do? I'm going to show the highlights of his rather eventful life since he began writing and appearing in blogs. For the record, at this moment he is a representative of the Fears.

He saved the child Owen from near death, and you could even say by being a distraction, he kept Hunter from dying as well. Both would deny this, but, well, their opinions aren't what this blog is made of. This distraction I speak of was his being snatched from the sky by the Fears. These days, he follows their orders with a rather reluctant obligation. He wanted to have his chance to explain himself, to show how he believed he really was a 'good guy.'

Peter: Huh, well...maybe that I can be a "good guy" too. I'm not one of those slender freaks that runs around and kills people at random.

He warned me to be a little more wary of what I did and said, which of course made me laugh.  That's why I write! He went on to tell me that 'the old Peter' was still trapped within him, for his own protection. That to let him back out could potentially break his mind.

To summarize quite a bit, he hates his job. His latest assignment was to kill the humans that had survived an experiment of the Fears. An experiment that lasted 11 days, to which they believe all of them would die. They were wrong. Well, Peter's job was to cover up the evidence of the venture.

I urged him to try to escape, to leave their hold and try to be free. There are so many Runners, why not their pet? He went on to tell me that the Fears had no use for the death of humanity, that their little Game was much larger than us. We were only pawns to be used and abused for their own entertainment. This, I believed. I had heard such a story many times before. 

Peter would never have betrayed his brothers, never. I don't believe it, and when he tells me that.. I believe him. Peter was, is, a wonderful man trapped up in horrible circumstances. Peter never 'gave in' to the Fears. He fought them with everything and every part of him that there was. But fighting them, it's like a rat in a maze just running and running and running. You know there is a temptation at the middle of the maze, but it isn't real. They still have a hold of you, no matter what you do or which way you turn. We all end in death, someday. Some just live longer than others.

I had two points to show of this post, three if you really want to be technical. First of all, I wanted to make my opinion known of Peter, and show his brothers and all of his disbelievers the 'truth' that he wanted to show them so badly. He didn't believe that they would believe his saying it to them directly, so he asked me for this chance to make his beliefs and his apologies known. The second of these was for me to show that not all Proxies, not all 'evil' people wanted to be where they are. With the recent Heel Face Turn of Star, the betrayal of sorts from Cheshire... I wanted someone, anyone to get their chance to tell the truth. 

Just because they can't change because of who they love (like Messi), or they know they'd be questioned constantly (like Wolf), doesn't mean they have to stop fighting. They all have a chance that they don't see at first, we all do. We all have a chance to live and love while we're still alive, before we give up and make stupid decisions when we think our backs are against the wall. I believe in every creature, every person, every Haunted the Fears have ever found and tortured, no matter what 'side' you are on. I believe in redemption. 

Which I believe brings me to my last point. As of right now, I'm staying with a 'friend' of mine somewhere close to my residence. I've set a series of posts to auto-post while I am away. I don't know how long I will be gone before we can 'catch' my stalker, if we even can. Right now, I want to let everyone know, I AM okay. I am not gone. I am safe, to my knowledge. I'll be signing on to catch the comments and to put up any new information I find or take care of while I am gone. 


  1. When some SOB in a mask starts abducting and/or killing people for their masters I recognize only one form of redemption. http://www.armynavyusa.com/gc/files/Columbia_River_Images/3326_CKRT_Ultima_Tactical_Knife_175_dt.jpg

    Until then, yeah they get a chance to live and repent.

  2. I know redemption can be possible. However, that still doesn't excuse the damage and pain they have caused others. It would take a lot for those close to the ones who have been hurt, both in their minds and their hearts, to forgive what has been done.

  3. I think just about anyone can be redeemed...

    Sometimes it will take a lot of time, hard work, patience, and understanding.

    But it can be done so long as you are willing to work through it and not give up. Same goes for the person who is being redeemed, because sometimes you can fall back down that slippery slope.

    However, if they've hurt people they'll have to face the consequences like anyone else.

    But still, they can be redeemed.

  4. The dove is a sweet thing, isn't she? She said that she was going to be fine when she didn't know for sure. She said she'd be safe. Little automated messages. They can't edit themselves.

    I wonder if after today she'll still think people can be redeemed.

  5. "Redemption lies solely within the eye of the beholder..."

  6. Hehe all this talk of redemption... Darling Dia, I like you. You seem spunky. Or maybe not. Let's be friends! Can I come over and visit you sometimes? I could show you my special recipe for green tea. Do you like tea? I like tea.

    I also like formaldehyde.

    I guess we'll probably run into each other eventually. When we do, don't wiggle too much if you feel a sharp pain coming from your wrist... The pain will go away quickly if you just ignore it :)

  7. I don't think that Dia will be wanting any guests over any time soon, Advocate. She and I just had a lovely couple days. I don't think she's interested in the sort of offers you're giving. I truly am sorry for that. You're just a little late.

    I, on the other hand, am quite interested. What exactly do you put in this tea of yours?