First post, the Cross.

I went to check my mail, and found an envelope taped to my front door. After reading it and seeing its contents, I figured I should get some help on this. It's also why I'll be double posting tonight. You'll see why in a minute. I have a series of pictures I'm going to upload, and then a dictation of something that'll probably be too hard to read.

First, the envelope and the pictures of the letter:

Yes, Dia is short for Dialga.
Dialga is the Japanese name for 'Diamond.' I use that name for a reason, though doubt it will come up. The contents were a small gold and diamond cross. 
And there's the second half of the letter. I'm going to translate over what the letter said (my camera sucks, I'm really sorry.) Then, I'll explain why I'm starting to be worried.

Dia, my Diamond,

                 I love you so much, and you just don't know it. I'm afraid to show you my love. I feel like everytime I see you, I can't help but hide. All my courage vanishes. I hide because my love is so strong. All the words I want to say just disappear. I want to show you how I feel, who I am. I suppose I'm too scared to open up and be real. I know you love me and have hidden feelings too. It seems like it is easier for you to express yourself to me, than it is from me to you Dia. I love you, and know that I will always have hidden feelings for you. I love you baby.

Always and forever, 


Alright, can anyone guess the multiple problems we're having here? First of all, he calls me by my penname, and a version of it I don't believe I've ever written in this blog. Second, he's obviously been following me for quite a while. How do I know this? That golden cross was originally mine. It's been missing for... months, at least. I know for a fact it was in my jewelry box the last time I saw it. I thought at the time I had misplaced it, but now.. I'm sure he stole it. He's been in my room, people, watching me sleep. I'm not taking the fucking thing off ever again. I would pitch it, but it is a sentimental gift from a loved one. I can't make myself get rid of it. Sentiments aside, this... admirer has stolen from me, and believes me to be in love with him. 

This is.. just not okay! How do you make someone go away when you've never seen them? I can't go to the police, for fear that he'll go after my family. Or, god forbid, that he's some supernatural freak trying to fuck with me. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Change the locks? Apparently the first set didn't work that goddamn well! I didn't even notice he was following me for, what, at least the past six months? Who knows who else I haven't seen or noticed? Readers, I'm scared. I'm freaked out. For whatever reason, this guy(or girl?) believes themselves in love with me and doesn't give a shit about personal boundaries. Can I please, please get some fucking advice here?!


  1. Kill a beloved pet.

    Dip the letter in the pet's blood and leave it and the carcass on your front porch.

    Call the police.

    Let them handle it.

    You'll have to be careful killing the pet, though. Maybe one that doesn't bleed all that much. I guess you could just use any old animal, but the police would be more inclined to believe that someone willing to kill your pet would be a direct danger to you. Also make sure they can't trace the dead animal back to you. Then they'll just think you're doing it for attention.

  2. Record. Everything. If he sends another letter you could get a look at his face. But I see why a restraining order would be difficult without a name.

  3. Oh dear...Oh dear...

    My Lady...I can understand why someone would be very fond of you. I don't blame them for it, but you must be careful. Pay extra attention to everything and anything around you. See something you don't understand, something that just isn't right...Study it carefully. Be curious, but not too curious. And if anything else, anything worse that you KNOW is NOT going to lead to something good, happens...Please try to get help from someone you trust. Police, Family...anything. I don't want you to get hurt.

  4. nice! dialga! i'm a pokemon nerd, so i nerded out for a few minutes after seeing that name. and then
    noooo!! D=

    um! um!
    if it was me, i'd start staying at a friend's place. it might sound like a bad idea, but power in numbers! seriously!

    if you can't do that, then start leaving stuff in your room a certain way and remember how it is at all times. if something seems off when you step into the room, then just close the door, leave, and come back with someone else. again, power in numbers. that's how i feel.

    if you live anywhere close to me i can try to help you as best as i can. i'm not sure what i could do, but i could try!

  5. I am no good dealing with these kinds of stalkers. The only thing I can think of is calling the police, but rarely are they ever helpful.

  6. That might be a good idea, to go stay at a friend's house for a few days...

    I may need to. I'm going to try to keep my curtains up, and pay attention to what's going on.

    I'll definitely record everything, that I don't have a problem with.

    If I do wind up leaving for a few days, I'll set a few posts to auto-post. Please, no one be offended by this.