Interview with Andromeda

Andromeda requested an interview, and I wasn't in the mood to be stabbed again, considering the circumstances.Peter's interview, I was a bit paranoid and only interacted with him through email. This time, I was a little less so. With people apparently finding me,  it doesn't really matter anymore. Nothing matters anymore. We used a webcam session to 'film' our little interview, and well.. this is the result.

Start of Interview

Andromeda: (She appears on my screen. She looks like she hasn't been sleeping much. Her suit is slightly rumpled, tie loose and top button undone, skin pale with bags under her eyes behind her glasses. Her hair's coming out of its bun, adding to the frazzled look. She smiles at me, obviously tired.) Good evening, dear.

Me: Good evening, Andromeda. Or, would you prefer to be called Constance?

Andromeda: (quiet chuckle) I'm sticking with Andromeda for now.

Me: Alright then, Andromeda. When you got ahold of me, you mentioned wanting to get to tell your side of the story. I'm afraid I still don't understand what happened. One day you were cutting into people, and the next things began to change. You began to change. Can you explain how it all began, that you remember?

Andromeda: Well....(small frown) The first time I REMEMBER things changing was when I murdered Mr. Roye. It was the first time I could remember feeling regret for something I'd done. That alone was a novelty.

Me: How long did the regret last? What do you think caused you to murder him? He was such a faithful person, though somewhat blind to you in the end.

Andromeda: How long did it last? (quiet chuckle, looking somewhat sad) I'll let you know when it stops, dear. I'm not sure why I murdered him, to be honest. I rather liked the fellow, even if he was a tad annoying. I just....did it. Without thought. Looking back, I believe it may have been a directive from Fath....apologies. (sigh) From the Slender Man.

Me: You're still feeling regret, after all this time? You seem a bit conflicted. Do you want to refer to him as Father, or is it simply a habit? Did your new traveling companion help, or make the situation worse?

Andromeda: I believe it's simply a habit at this point. A rather irritating one. As for Mr. Stern...he made the situation infinitely worse. By the time I met him I was certain that I was not what I thought I was. I had been made that way. Him, though...he was that way out of choice or breeding. It was who he truly was. That...scared me. Scared the Andromeda persona, I should say, since she isn't me.

Me: Alright, I can accept that. You were afraid. If you were wavering in your conviction already, what drove you to... torture those people the way you did? It could only have made it worse, if you were already doubting yourself.

Andromeda: At that point, dear? I believe I was trying to do something, ANYTHING to restore my faith in my actions, even if that meant committing acts I found repugnant at the time. I must say, I AM sorry for that. I've already donated quite a sum of money toward rebuilding the church and compensating the families who lost members.

Me: Money doesn't replace people. I can't really place the blame on your head, but many others will want to. You will be a hunted woman for a long time.

Andromeda: I'm quite aware, dear. And I'm doing the best I can. I would like to make it known, however, that I only have one murder left in me, and I'm saving it for someone very special. I will not kill until it is time for that person to be dealt with.

Me: I apologize if this is blunt, but who would that person be?

Andromeda: I would rather not say, dear, as she may see this interview. Would it satisfy you to know that her existence is my fault, and thus she is my responsibility?

Me: Ah. She seems rather familiar, but I'll respect your views on the matter. I can't control who sees this, after all.

Andromeda: Precisely.

Me: You began to remember more about your life after the incident at the church. How much do you remember now? How much of that 'old life' is yours, and how much is still Andromeda's?

Andromeda: I still remember everything I experienced as Andromeda. However, I also remember large portions of my true life. It's...a complicated situation.

Me: Would you say they are like two parallels running next to each other, or do they try to compete for your memory?

Andromeda: They try to compete, dear, especially since my current self seems intent on rewriting memories of other personalities with its own perceptions.

Me: What do you remember the most now? What would you like to say about your like as Andromeda that you feel might help the other Runners and Proxies. You're rather special, in that you can say you have returned of your own will.

Andromeda: I remember more of my original life than of my false lives, but that is simply because the false lives only cover 14 years, while my real life covers the 32 years prior to that. As for any advice I might offer...we aren't all monsters. But the fact is that most of us will never leave His service, so death may still be the preferred option. As you said, I am a special case. Revenants seem to be susceptible to this conversion. (chuckle) So you may want to tell the Runner community to stay away from Revenants. We'll take care of ourselves.

Me: That seems to be a tale I've heard before. I have a few Revenants I'm keeping an eye on right now, to be honest. Anyway. What do you believe finally made you 'convert'?

Andromeda: From Revenant to Neutral, dear? The simple revelation that I didn't want to be a murderess for the rest of my days. I'm well aware that most of the Runners will not accept me. I don't expect them to. All I ask is that I be allowed to help where I may, and be left alone otherwise.

Me: You know that for the most part, you won't be given peace. You'll have to be a different  kind of Neutral than I am, and you won't be able to find shelter as easily as the rest of us.

Andromeda: So far, dear, I have yet to see hide or hair of the Slender Man. His proxies are terrified of me, so I don't expect trouble from them. The only people I'm really worried about are Runners who decide to attempt revenge for friends I may have killed.

Me: The Slender Man may have decided to let you go. I only hope that is true. As far as the proxies go, they have good reason to be afraid of you. Your past is rather, ah, violent. The Runners, they are surprisingly fast. What do you want out of your life now that you've given up on being a murderess?

Andromeda: Ideally, I would like to be left in peace. I always wanted to be a writer, and now would seem a good time to begin. I would also like to live someplace quiet. Perhaps I'll move back home.

Me: He's international. I hope your conquests don't include overseas.. is there anything specific you'd like to say? Something that I've overlooked?

Andromeda: Not at the moment, dear. I would simply like to note that while I will not kill, I am not above permanently laming anyone who decides to harass me. If you would ever like to come for a visit, dear, let me know and I'll supply you with directions. Oh, and as it turns out, I actually AM a surgeon. That happened to be true all along.

Me: Goodnight, Andromeda. Do let me know when you have another name to go by.

Andromeda: I will, dear. (video shuts off)

End of Interview


  1. Hey! I am not terrified of her, thank you very much. I just keep a respectable distance because I know how dangerous she can be. Also I was really stressed when I did that interview anyway and by the way, I already fucking did an interview with her! Seriously, are you trying to steal my thunder or something?

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  2. Haha cute. Brave lil messi thinks Andy is his property...

    Personally I disprove of all the attention she's getting. She's but a rusty cog soon to be replaced with a shiny new one.

    Heh, some people just can't handle insanity...

  3. Please have a bit more respect, dear. I'm hardly rusty. And Andy is neither a female name nor anything CLOSE to the name I'll be using from now on, so please refrain from addressing or referring to me as such. Thank you.

  4. I don't know, Andromeda. I think he's giving you exactly as much respect as you deserve. You went from being independent and honest to being a craven, cowering wench hiding in a cave somewhere. I will find you eventually, and I will kill you. Then I'll tie up other loose ends and move on. Just a warning.

  5. Please disregard the hate, Athena (the goddess of wisdom, who placed Andromeda in the sky after her death, it seems far more appropiate). I find your story compelling, and I look forward to investigating furthur. As for the runners trying to eliminate you, they should remember who the greater enemy is and not distracit themselves with petty revenge. If anyone is still alive at the end of the war I'm sure there will still be plenty of drama for everyone involved.
    See you around.

  6. For the record, she came to me and requested the interview.

    Not my choice, ya? Your thunder doesn't need to be stolen.

    Your adventures are quite safe, you manage to blunder through your silliness rather marvelously. I love watching you stumble about and try to deny your feelings for Poe out of a mistaken sense of protectiveness. Guess what, Messi? Too late! Her head's been fucked with, some love might be needed.

    But no, angst and sexual repression is more important.

    Also, I do like the fact that I did an interview with Andromeda as well. With Blight running around, at least someone turned to a somewhat less dark side for once. Neutral is better than.... whatever KK turned into in that fucked up existence she was brought to.

  7. What is this girl's story? I am collecting information and redistributing it for good use. Was she Hallowed? Is she alive? How may I get in touch with her?