And then, there were roses.

Not doing my normal homework for this post, I have heavier things on my mind right now. I believe this list ought to show you all a few situations that are volatile at the present moment. Pay attention to these, as the eye to the storm only lasts so long.

No Pressure = No Diamonds, There are three wonderful women that are currently running from an unknown force. Lis, Marie, and Tia didn't really know much about their situation until they were already in boiling water. People got hurt, Marie went into a coma, and someone started hijacking their accounts. Lis and Tia received a warning as they were packing to run from their tormenter, making their wonderful little 'follower' rather obvious in his stalking.

They fled, and with the luck of the damned, showed up at a Silent Hill-esque motel. They also managed to land themselves in some kind of time loop. None of the inhabitants can see each other, and are beginning to turn frantic. Blake is presumed missing, Lis is considering going in the Crying Room, and Tia just wants to burn the whole fucking place down.

Nowherever Wintermarch is a guy that made a blog to deal with his troubles sleeping. Not a big deal, right? Of course not. He starts having the symptoms of sleep paralysis, with extra little hallucinations and nightmares thrown in. He starts feeding a neighborhood family of foxes (which is just adorable.)  Somewhere around that time he stops sleeping, for the most part. The few times he does sleep, he wakes up with horrible scratch marks on his back. Some bad shit I won't spoil for you happens, and well... he starts being stalked by an animal that makes his hair stand on end. My secret belief is that he's dealing with the Rake, considering the shit we deal with every day.

Upon the Stairs Yeah.. I know I already wrote about this chick, but I have a really bad feeling about her situation. She was just in a coma, she's been bouncing in and out of being drugged, and she's been hallucinating at the same time as seeing the Slender man. Her sister was tortured and killed in front of her, she's been dragged to hell and back with all the shit and evil she's had to deal with, and I'm worried. My gut feeling is telling me she's close to snapping. Hell, just the one encounter with her convinced me of her unstable dance with sanity. I don't see this girl becoming sunshine and rainbows, ever again.

Take the Myth One day, I plan on writing more about Elaine. For the moment, this will have to do. She's neck deep in a bunch of trouble. Her dead best friend's husband wants to kill her, she's on the run from the Slender man,  and did I forget to mention, she has multiple proxies that have a fucked up grudge against her. The ones I know for a fact are Prosper and Morningstar, and I'm probably forgetting a few. Jake, the crazy husband, recently revealed that Slendy forced her into serial killing fifteen people from the age of eight to ten. I should say that made her a powderkeg all along, but that wasn't her fault. I'll just leave it at the minor  opinion that she's either going to wind up dead or with more blood on her hands, and soon.

Hypothesis Now Nice girl, small town. It seems like a normal enough story. Well... one day she wakes up to find an operator symbol drawn in blood in her driveway. She shrugs it off, but finds a trail of footprints leading from the symbol into the woods next to her house. She investigates the next day with shotgun in hand. After about an hour of searching, she literally trips over a dying Runner. After panicking and administering some heavy first aid, she brings him back to her home and ties him to the bed for safety. The Runner sleeps for a while, screams like he's tortured, and starts blathering about the Slenderman killing everyone. She of course cold clocks him with a pair of brass knuckles she had sitting on the bedside table. It was immediately after that that she noticed something outside, and went to see what was in the trees. Can you guess what it was?

She found him in a clearing staring at the moon, and was deathly fascinated by him. (At this point, I'd like to point out that some people really need to watch more horror movies.) I believe he compelled her to find him, to stay in the clearing watching him there like some kind of clandestine meeting. Why? I have no idea. He finally acknowledged her after about an hour, and attacked her. Her memory has obviously been tampered with, but what we do know from her account is that she was stripped, burned, and her mind violated. I have no idea why the Slenderman waited so long with her there, or why he even cared to begin with. I just know.. once your memory starts fucking up, you're screwed. And this.. this is at the beginning of her experience with the Slenderman. I wish her luck, but.. I don't see this ending well.

There are three blogs that seem to be drawing the short straw in all this messed up business. Strike the Set, This is not a blog, and Floccinaucinihilipilification. There's some really, really screwed up events going on involving all of the. Instead of doing the research myself, I just asked Lucas from This is not a blog what the fuck was going on. This is a direct quote, as I am lazy.

"Wolf or Joel,(Luigi) it's difficult to tell these days, have decided to come to the aid of Rachael(Mario) from Strike the Set in her search for Cheshire. (Bowser) A nasty proxy who has kidnapped the Runner sweetheart, Schrodinger. (The Princess)"

Honestly, those three blogs are in for a firestorm of problems. Every other blog seems like it has at least a little bit of time before everything blows up. This one? Oh no. Everything is going wrong right now, and I doubt anyone can stop it before it gets bad. I guess that's it for now. I've finally calmed down enough to watch Marble Hornets again. Maybe the internet won't crap out on me again. Watching all of these videos means I'm pretty much volunteering for a headache.

For those it may concern, I wasn't kidding about heavier things being on my mind. I woke to find a bouquet of roses sitting on my front porch, complete with a cliche stalker note. "Thinking of you always. See you soon." I appreciate the gesture, but now is really not the best time for someone to develop a crush. Does anyone have any ideas of how to scare the kid off? I'm in way over my head as it is.


  1. Um...depends on how persistent this stalker is. If he's anything like mine, nothing short of gouging his eyes out is gonna be very deterrent. Otherwise, a few choice words should do the trick.

    If worst comes to worst, though, we'll build an anti-stalker bunker somewhere. With weapons. Lots of weapons.

    Stay safe, Dia.

  2. Heh. Watch my blog for more updates, Dia. Stuff is indeed going down.

  3. I don't know, I haven't met him. Still creeped out.

    Elaine, you know I don't give a shit what you've done. (As long as it doesn't wind up happening to me.) I will indeed watch for more, I have a feeling Jake isn't going away.

  4. I find that a good blast from a shogun over someone’s head usually deters them from coming near you ever again.

  5. *shotgun. God, I can’t type today...

  6. Why scare the stalker at all? Good things might come from it.

  7. What possible benefit could having a stalker bring?

  8. "Free stuff? Love notes? Oh or my personal favorite, rotting hearts presented in pretty boxes with such pretty, pretty bows..."

  9. ....when the hell did you get/give a present like that?

  10. As long as it doesn't escalate I do not see the harm

  11. Rotting hearts? Really now. When I present hearts in boxes I make sure that they're perfectly fresh.

  12. Rachel, I hope it doesn't. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

    David, I'm sure your presents would be better taken care of.