I'm gonna kill ya.

My computer is missing. Gallows, Shady, whoever the fuck else has been in my house, you better pray I don't find out who it is before it's returned. I'll find my shotgun and pull a damn Red Queen on your asses. This stupid cell phone is NOT good enough.

Off with your heads, bitches. Between SOMEONE trying to sneak into my bed every night, Josie learning how not to be such a pushover, and Shady twirling that fucking blue feather when she thinks no one's looking... (cold ass bitch), I'm about ready to say fuck it and start screaming off in the woods like Shady did the night we came home.

Blogger hates me, for the record. None of my posts are showing up when they're supposed to.

I can't even edit my past posts or comment on anyone's shit. I'll have to stick to stalking you all for a while, before I can explain what the fuck's been going on.

Seriously, a shotgun to the face people. You only have to shoot once. ;)

......I want my fucking shit back!

(excerpt from Dia's personal notebook)




Never again.
Please, never again.
They're all dead..

Bye-bye, never again,

never to see your awful

fucking disgusting lies.

See you in my nightmares.

Oh wait, no. Fuck you.

Stay out of those too!

You're worse than any story I could make up.

Fuck your nightmares.

Fuck my fears.

I threw the radio against the wall, shattering it into a million pieces. Their voices will fucking stop. I WILL earn my quiet. I will get my peace and happiness back? Fuck this pain, fuck this path. If I have to die with your intentions, so be it. I will not be your pet.



  1. Breathe, Dia. Flying off the handle is fun but it's not very satisfying when you're done.

    Blogger's a bitch, this we know. And I feel your pain on typing from cell phones, oh god do I. And whilest a shotgun to the face of someone that you dislike would have wonderful theraputic effects, that would make one hell of a mess after the initial giggle you'd get.

  2. Allegedly you can still comment on a phone through anonymous. I hope you get your stuff back soon.

    See you around

  3. Dia...
    God damnit Dia...
    You don't have a FOLLOW button.
    That is driving me Crazy.

    ...not that Blogger would admit I was watching you after I clicked it... it's determined to be a bitch with me. To the bookmarks then...

    oh, and careful with the shotguns... those things have a mighty kick.

  4. So apparently you're having quite the party eh? heheheh

  5. Are you stalking me, Dia? :3


  6. Hello, Dia. It's been a while. I need to talk to you. You know how to get ahold of me.

  7. I just wanted to apologise for a comment many posts ago. I wasn't myself at the time, I was a different identity.

    You were one of the first to follow my blog and now I've become pulled into all this. So...hm...

    ...not...sure if i should say nice to meet you or not. I mean, nothing's really nice about this situation is it?

    I'm rambling. Anyway, sorry again and hello.

  8. Don't apologize, Adam.


    Things are better. Though, there was an incident with a frying pan...

    I stalk everyone, but yes, of course I am! :3